Grizzlies Coaches & Management wants O.J. Mayo to attend Summer League

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Grizzlies Coaches & Management wants O.J. Mayo to attend Summer League

They want him to improve his playmaking skills..Mayo is the type of player that loves constructed criticism....He has said himself he could be as good a point guard as Deron Williams..Mayo is a blossoming superstar and tinkering with a good thing isnt always good..And he hasn't decided yet if he wants to participate..Becuz he has made a commitment to take part in the U.S.A Basketball tryouts for the World Championships in Turkey this summer..Sending him to play in the Summer League seems like a good idea to improve his point guard abilities..But there its a mostly up & down game where guards dominate..I dont see how he can get better by playing with less talented players..I think he'll serve them better by representing his country & competing against the best players in the World..With Lebron,Carmelo and maybe Kobe sitting out this summer.Mayo chances of making the team looks good..Plus if he makes it..It will increase his confidence for next season...

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Westbrook attended all the

Westbrook attended all the summer leagues last year, it sure didn't do any bad. I think any basketball during the summer time is good, if his skills won't increase, they sure won't decrease

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OJ Mayos

I always think OJ Mayos would be best playing PG with improving PG skills.

He is already a solid ball handler/passer and can certainly improve to be an elite PG. He got great size at the PG position and can develop into a dominant player there.

At SG, he's simply too undersized to defend the like of Kobe, Joe Johnson, etc.

They should end the Mike Conley experiment and let OJ to take over the team. Mike Conley did ok enough for the Griz to fetch a decent compensation from another team in need of a PG (e.g. Indiana, Detroit?)

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Yeah Righ

Oj is a wonderful player but playing the point guard position (well) requires natural instinct. I definately think they need to upgrade if they want to be contenders anytime soon.

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No problem with this move at

No problem with this move at all. As someone said, Westbrook did the same thing and it did him no harm. Summer League gives him the opportunity to play with some of the younger guys on the team too, like Sam Young, Demarre Carroll and Thabeet. Also their draft picks this season, which looks like it'll be 2 in the 1st round. That's good for chemistry. Sure he'll be playing with less talented players, but Summer League for an established guy like Mayo is more about figuring out how to learn a new position or work on 1 or 2 particular things than putting up gaudy stats

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anybody heard anything about

anybody heard anything about anthony randolph and if he'll make another appearance?

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realgmbakax if detroit

realgmbakax if detroit somehow traded for conley i vow to never watch a basketball game again...

stuckey and bynum are BOTH light years ahead of conley..

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This is simple

Move OJ to PG.......he can handle it and the team can be successful with him there. Summer league is a good idea for him.
Miraculously win their way into the top three with the #2 overall pick and select Evan Turner.
Trade Conley to a PG starved team for a mid-late 1st round pick.
Match whatever ridiculous offer Rudy Gay will receive this summer, because we all know the Grizzlies ownership LOVES spending money to win.

Odds of all these things happening? 0.00000283%. Problems solved. Discussion over.

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They should..

They should send Mike Conely there too.

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Mayo wont come back to the Griz when his contract is up he doesnt wanna play their I see him going to maybe Dallas in a few years or possibly LA replacing Kobe when his time is up the Clippers the Wizards are also possibilities he just cant win in Memphis and his skill set is good trade bait maybe they should look back at the proposed deal for Ellis b/c they wont have Mayo after 2011 or 2012 whatever year it is

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IF Memphis puts Mike Conley

IF Memphis puts Mike Conley on the trade block, I hope Indiana jumps into the conversation.

Conley wasn't ready for the NBA after his freshman season at Ohio State, but his stock was too high for him to stay in school. He's only 22 years old and has gotten better every season. He came into the league as a poor three-point shooter, but has shot 38.7 and 40.6 percent his last two seasons.

He averaged 12 points and 5.3 assists this year on a team that was loaded offensively with Randolph, Gay, Gasol and Mayo.

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