What the Jazz NEED to do with their lotto pick

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What the Jazz NEED to do with their lotto pick

Every year, same story for the Jazz it seems. Over the past few years they've been terrific in the regular season (save that 7-11 slide at the end of 08-09), and encounter a Laker team in the playoffs that they simply have no chance against due to their size (or lack thereof). They can withstand 31 a game from Kobe, as they withstood 31 from Melo, but they get KILLED by Gasol and Bynum, because for most of the game their frontline consists of Okur (6-11, incredibly slow, major defensive liability even when healthy), Boozer (6-9) and Millsap (6-8). They make Gasol look like David Robinson (see: his 25 point - 12 rebound - 5 block performance in game 1), and Bynum seems to score every time he touches the ball.

As a huge Jazz fan, I've been excited all year at the prospect of having, most likely, a top 10 pick, and for most of the year, I was hoping for a potential star shooting guard or swingman to spread the floor, a Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry or James Anderson. Wes Matthews has proven to be a very reliable starter due to his defensive tenacity, however, and C.J. Miles has developed nicely. It is now clear, for me at least, that they have to take advantage of the most loaded shot-blocking big man draft in memory to snag someone who can at least match up with the likes of Gasol and Bynum.

There was a great thread a little while ago about LeBron claiming that he's 6-9, and just about everyone rightly responded by saying, "Who cares?" Well, in the Jazz's case, the difference between 6-10 and 6-11 might mean a world of difference. If Greg Monroe, who would fit perfectly in the Jazz's system, is 6-10, you have another guy giving up two inches to Gasol and Bynum, who take advantage of every mismatch. Don't even get me started on Patrick Patterson, who is projected to go in the 8-12 range (where Utah will likely pick). The last thing we need is another (relatively) undersized big man. Sorry if that sounds shallow, I love Patterson as a player, but he just isn't a good fit. I love Ed Davis, but again, he gives up 3 inches and at least 20 pounds to both Laker centers (sorry to keep using them as examples, just what's on my mind...)

Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor must also consider Utah's need for someone who can contribute immediately, in order to prevent Deron Williams from becoming impatient, while recognizing that Sloan only has so many years left. The Jazz need someone who is ready to contribute, who will bang and block shots and give elite centers a rough time. I'm even starting to take a liking to Cole Aldirch despite being skeptical as to whether he will ever be able to contribute consistently offensively at the next level. Whiteside might be a little raw, but I'll take an extremely athletic 7-footer who blocks 5 shots a game any day. DeMarcus Cousins is the dream at this point, but Whiteside or Aldrich, or Monroe (please be 6-11!) is more realistic.

I know probably very few people here follow the Jazz, but does this sound more plausible than just going with the best available player, taking a gamble or going with another shooter?

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I'de say the Jazz are one of

I'de say the Jazz are one of the most represented teams on these boards actually lol. I agree with most of what you said for the most part. The Jazz need a big man thats better then tall Europeans they have their now. When they're in the game things seem to be a little smoother, and the defense changes greatly then when Okur is in. When you have small guys like Boozer you need someone to make up for those mistakes, someone like a Whiteside. Only problem I see is that then don't really have a consistent wing play. AK is old, and Miles and Wes aren't go to scorers, so they could take a good offensive player like Henry or Anderson.

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I like biedrins if we can get

I like biedrins if we can get him from GS for Jazz, also even dalembert.
at the very least we could also try and get Javale McGee from the wizards
Biedrins have a crap contract (9mil per year for another 4 years) but small price to pay for a shot blocker and one of better rebounders when not hurt

we could swing something along the lines of

Kirilenko, future first for

Biedrins and Maggette and 2nd rounder this year

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and with the draft unless

and with the draft
unless monroe, cousins fall to 9th
i think we are gonna be taking cole aldrich
i hope they don't take patrick patterson like you said the site had him goign to utah for over a month and it was driving me crazy lol
i like patterson just not on utah

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While I do agree with you

While I do agree with you that they need a big man who can defend against guys like Gasol and Bynum, I think...

1. A 6'10" could cover those guys, if has the mindset of a solid defender and the body (more weight than height) to bang with them. Wingspan can be equally as valuable as height as well.

2. Whiteside would be a nice guy to add, but I think if you want a solid defender to come in and contribute at the NBA level right away (Jazz can compete now), they should take Aldrich, or maybe look at Solomon Alabi, Ekpe Udoh, Larry Sanders for a cheaper price. I think Whiteside will be a solid player in this league, but he is going to take some time to develop.

If they look at Alabi, Udoh, or Sanders they might be able to take BPA at their lotto spot and then hop back into the 1st round through a trade to grab on of those guys as well.

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Wes Johnson if available...if not Hassan Whiteside...we doesn't know yet what pick Jazz will have

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i think its either a wing or post...

i think its either a wing or a post player, nothing against james anderson but xavier henry seems like the type of player utah usually goes after as far as attitude/demeanor wise. if they go big i think sloan would probably like whiteside as a project type player. He could develop into a "beast" but just as sammybuckeye13 was saying deron williams wants to win now. they already traded his bestfriend on the team ronnie brewer and he made it clear that he was upset about that so i think the jazz are going to play it safe and go for monroe or ed davis

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I like Monroe

imagine Monroe in that pass and cut offense.
I think he would be able to contribute right away and either replace Monroe
or play center for them.

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Remember its also about reach and body weight. Aldrich has a 245 pound body and a 6'11 frame. (prob 6'10 to be exact)
He also has a 7'4 wingspan which helps alot.
When the exact measurements come in, it will be very interesting and it will play a big part on who the jazz pick if they do choose to pick up a center.

I would go with Aldrich if i had to pick. They got to get bigger with the possible absence of Boozer.

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give it back

Give it back 2 da knicks plz we need it lol

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"AK is old"

No he isn't.

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whyyouhating is right

Monroe definitly. That play they run with the big behind the basket works perfectly for him.They should trade up if they have to. Forget about Cousins, who wants eddy curry 2.0

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AFter last night we need to go big....

Can't compete with Pau and Andrew, we need legit bigs. Aldrich, Monroe, and Whiteside all seem to fit that bill. Okur would have made a difference in the series, remember he was hurt last year too... But we need talented bigs, not Fes and Kosta...

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