i think i have a comperison for Devin Ebanks

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i think i have a comperison for Devin Ebanks

DeMar DeRozan.... both are elite athletes, both need to add a 3 point range but they already good from a little bit closer, both very good defenders and with big upside!

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ummm not too sure about that

i live in toronto and get to watch derozen a lot... he's got some similarities but not that close... way more athletic... shooting maybe the same? and ebanks can handle the ball a lot better plus is a bit better defender with that wingspan

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Yea Ebanks isn't as good an

Yea Ebanks isn't as good an athlete as Derozan is (even though I've never thought Derozan was as good an athlete as he was hyped up to be). He also doesn't have the mid-range game Derozan does. Ebanks scores in transition, off garbage baskets, and sporadically off 15 foot shots. Derozan scores because he's a solid mid-range shooter, good in transition and can straight line the ball to the rim. Neither are very good ball-handlers. Derozan is a medicre defender, but Ebanks will probably be an elite defender.

My comparison for Devin Ebanks is Corey Brewer or a young Trevor Ariza.

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Way Different, Ebanks is Not

Way Different,
Ebanks is Not even near DeRozan
DeRozan is not even near ebanks
DeRozan is Way More Athletic Than Ebanks
As Mr. 6000 said they score differently
Ebanks scores mostly on broken plays, transition and putbacks after offensive boards
Ebanks is a very good and versatile Defender, DeRozan isnt
Ebanks is Tall and Lengthy great (offensive) rebounder
DeRozan has a better outside shot,
but i think ebanks is a pretty good Mid Range Shooter but really has no 3 point shot (which he will
need to develop to get better in the next level)
Ebanks has good COurt Vision which DeRozan doesnt have
Another thing is, Devin Ebanks doesnt dunk or jump over people
like DeRozan DeRozan has that real high vertical jump, that he uses to dunk in traffic
Ebanks doesnt do that, He runs the floor well but he's not
that Athlete that dunks as much as possible,
He dunks on fast break but you never see him doing an alley-oop
and DeRozan drives often, ebanks doesnt he Set more often or Posts up
Alot of DeRozan's points come from driving to the basket, which
as i said ebanks doesnt do

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