Will the Lakers draft Lance Stephenson?

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Will the Lakers draft Lance Stephenson?

I think we will take a chance on Stephenson if he falls into the 2nd round. Many mocks have him as a late 2nd rounder, I was shocked to see him in the 1st round in the lastest mock on this site. I highly doubt he will end up in the 1st round do to his lack of athleticism, and red flags off the court in the past.

What do you guys think about Stephenson and where do you see him landing?

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Love his offensive ability.

Love his offensive ability. Plays similar to Tyreke Evans or Caron Butler, depending on who you ask. I honestly think he can be a 1st option scorer, but teams are too hung on his lack of athleticism to see it. He has the quickness, handle and length to alleviate it.

I have the Knicks taking him in the early 2nd.

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If he goes to a bad team

If he goes to a bad team where he can get serious minutes he will be in next years ROY conversation at the end of the year. Cincinnati was a bad fit for him and he still was looking good at the end of the year. He's going to be a better pro than college player.

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i think new york 2nd round.

i think new york 2nd round. hes from there.

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While as a Knicks fan I

While as a Knicks fan I would love Lance here, but him being near home won't be good for him. He could have gone to St. John's if he wanted to be near home, but he said he had to get away from home to mature. Going back to NY to play there could ruin all that.

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I think it may be a good

I think it may be a good chaNce they land either him, Warren, or maybe even Dominique Jones

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Born Ready

LA would be a good fit putting him aroung serious vets and learnin from KB24 would be good even playing in San Antonio he need vets around him to keep him out of trouble maybe Utah (Sloan dont play) Boston too as for New York if he's there yeah but he has too much talent which he'll show at workouts.

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He will be a much better fit

He will be a much better fit in the NBA than in College style basketball. He is built for 1 on 1 style ball, v. college which is much more team oriented where executing plays and a facilitated offensive is stressed. He will be able to play on an island more often in the NBA and be much more effective. He could be a huge steal.

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I could see him sneak into

I could see him sneak into round 1 with good workouts.

LA would not be a terrible fit. It would be interesting because LA needs a upgrade a PG and someone like Willie Warren would be a better fit.

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i kno im late

but i was jus looking through posts and htis idea really wouldnt be that bad. i mean yea kobes getting older and then need 2 groom sumbody for the future. not sayin lance will be the man in LA but hey this mite be good 4 him

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