Why Isn't Ekpe Udoh Seen As A Lotto Lock?

It's a question I have because I haven't seen much of him this past season but from what I gather he is in a class with Ed Davis, Donatas and Patterson as a prospect but doesn't seem to be catching on quite like those players? Why?

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I think he's seen to not

I think he's seen to not have as much upside. He'll be 23 very soon.

Not to mention, he's weak lower body wise. He'll get backed down easily in the NBA until he gets stronger there.

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Didn't realize

Didn't realize he was that old. That does explain at least some of it. It's the same reason I think Wes Johnson is in danger of slipping to 7 or 8. Thanks Butler.

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I dont necassarily agree

I dont necassarily agree with the idea that because he is 23 that he doesnt have upside. The guy has shown the ability to improve every year in college...why cant he keep improving? He's shown skills developed in college that can continue to grow when he gets to the NBA...he's shown skills that none of those other big guys have shown.

I do agree that he needs to get stronger, but alot og guys do so he's not alone there.

I think Udoh has a chance to be a better pro than alot of the guys in this draft...the only bigs who I really think will be significantly better ar Cousins and Monroe barring injury.

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Total Package? Not yet.

I think Udoh is quite a bit like Andre Blatche on offense as in he can handle, drive and pop the mid range jumper quite well for a 6-10 guy.

However, I just don't see Udoh's defense is OVERATED. I say this because his man to man post defense will NOT hold up against NBA PFs and Cs. As well, his weakside shotblocking won't be as much an asset because

1) most big men can cover ground and block shots in this league and

2) NBA players are MUCH better at adjusting their shot and controlling their body to draw contact. Not saying that Udoh's college stats mean nothing, but many athletic big men have averaged high block numbers and haven't exactly translated to defense in the NBA due to foul trouble, etc. 

Overall, Udoh's celing, to me, is like Andre Blatche.... now. Is he worthy of a lotto pick? I think he's Borderline in this draft. 


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He's not a lock for the

He's not a lock for the lotto (although I'd take him in the lotto depending on my team), but he's a solid top 20 no question. I think he has upside too. 23 years old means nothing when you've improved like he has. Does anyone remember him from when he was at Michigan? He was basically a tall 3-point shooter who blocked shots. He's got a pretty polished offensive game that can still improve and he doesn't seem to be developed all the way physically. He can get more core strength and that would help him on D and on the glass. He has a chance to be a pretty nice mismatch in the NBA. Like a Lamarcus Aldridge and Emeka Okafor mix.

I think Andray Blatche is a much better ball-handler and he doesn't even put in the work Udoh has on the defensive end. Udoh can't (I doubt he ever will) be able to play on the wing for extended time like Blatche can, because he doesn't have that level of versatility and handle. He will be one of those post matchup nightmares who faces up from mid-range against slow bigs, and can score in the low post against sleek and athletic bigs.

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In this draft that is deep

In this draft that is deep with power forwards, he shoudl be a late lotto to mid 20's player. He is not really a NBA ready guy to me. He has to get stronger and get a more defined offensive game. This may be far off of a comparison but let's say he is a poor man's Jeff Green. This is the same Jeff Green that played alright in the regular season but was overmatched in the playoffs. Udoh is not the same kind of player but they have similiar builds so my thing is until he gets weight and is better offensively he does not need to be picked higher in a stacked draft.

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