2nd/3rd options are keeping their teams in it

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2nd/3rd options are keeping their teams in it

In the Thunder/Lakers series, Durant and Kobe have both had bad shooting series, they have gotten their points but their Fg% have been bad.

Russell Westbrook has had a great series, hes rebounding, passing and scoring very well shows his speed and actually very good mid range shot.

Pau Gasol has been very good these series as well and so has Bynum

My question is, if these 1 of 2nd options had not had the great games they have had, would it have even been this close of a series?

What do you think?

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Very true, the Thunder

Very true, the Thunder really need a PF with more size who can rebound.
IIbaka seems like a developing Center who can block shots.
Collison and Kristic are really bench guys.

Without Gasol the Lakers are going nowhere.

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