Yall remember how Mike Finley used 2 do!

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Yall remember how Mike Finley used 2 do!


LOL, this was hilarious!

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Finley was a terrific

Finley was a terrific player. Very similar to what Jason Richardson is now. A knockdown shooter when left open. Solid pull up off the dribble. Terrific athlete. Great hops and competed in dunk contests. Not the greatest of ball handling skills. Finley was probably a little better, but similar in style.

And people clowned him for weeks about that cartwheel dunk.

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Jerome Williams always finds

Jerome Williams always finds a way to make it to every NBA all-star game.

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Seeing as so many guys are

Seeing as so many guys are from NY & Chicago
I looked up some names you guys might know

These guys were born in NY State
Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bob Lanier, Carmello Anthony, Billy Cunningham, Bernard King, Vinnie Johnson, Bob Cousy, Julius Erving, Chris Mullin, Lenny Wilkens, Mark Jackson, Odom, Artest, Marbury, Brand, Channing Frye, Mashburn, Greg Oden, Sam Perkins, Cliff Robinson, Danny Schayes, Dolph Schayes, Jeff Ruland, Malik Sealy, Rod Strickland, Jamaal Tinsley, Charlie Vilanueva, Tom Gugliata, Brendan Haywood, Rafer Alston, Kenny Smith, Mario Elie, Sebastian Telfair, Billy Cunningham, Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diogu, Johnny Flynn, Speedy Claxton, Rick Carlisle, Larry Brown, Chucky Brown, Brent Barry

These guys were born in Chicago/ILLINOIS

Kevin Duckworth, George Mikan, Terry Cum mings, Mark Aguirre, Isiah Thomas, Nick Anderson, Jim Brewer, Randy Brown, Cazzie Russell, Will Bynum, Brian Cardinal, Maurice Cheeks, Keon Clark, Doug Collins, Shannon Brown, Tony Allen, Eddy Curry, Laphonso Ellis, Darius Miles, Melvin Ely, Michael Finley, Kendall Gill, Tim Hardaway, Hersey Hawkins, Luther Head, Juwan Howard, Troy Hudson, Jeff Hornacek, Dan Issle, Corey Maggette, Shawn Marion, Darius Miles, Nazr Mohammed, Anthony Parker, QRich, Derrick Rose, Bobby Simmons, Jerry Sloan, Doc Rivers, Dwayne Wade, Antoine Walker, Darrell Walker, Aaron Williams, Jason Maxiell, Sean May

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Finley was an underrated

Finley was an underrated player in his prime. Being from Oklahoma I grew up obviously before the Thunder, so I watched the Texas teams, and he was hands down one of my favorite players for multiple years.

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