CJ Leslie To...NC State?

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CJ Leslie To...NC State?

Not sure if this was posted already, considering that it said he made the decision Wednesday, but apparently CJ Leslie has chosen NC State to play his college basketball over powerhouse schools, and amazing opportunities at Kentucky


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Yea it's already been posted

NC State will be and NIT team next season, and then they'll be SUPER good in 2011-2012. Their style of play will be similar to that of this season's Kansas State team. I'll be watching alot of NC State games. With Harrow and returning PG Javier Gonzalez, they'll have the quickest backcourt in the ACC next season. CJ Leslie is by no means a Savior, in fact he's an athletic tweener and a developmental prospect in the Latavious Williams mold. He'll get garbage points, transition points, and the occasional 2 dribble pull-up from mid-range, but he'll be a great defender and he'll get alot of alley-oops. Tracy Smith and CJ Leslie will be a more than decent frontline next year.
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CJ leslie is one of the most

CJ leslie is one of the most underrated hs player. Very athletic, better skill wise than most people think, worked a lot on his dribbling and shooting. He has a chance to be a one and done I think and will transform a lot of Harrow's alleys into hoops.

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nc state is quietly getting

nc state is quietly getting good, they have a good pg coming in in harrow and now have a guy for him to make plays for in leslie. not saying ncaa or anything but they could be pretty good.

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During the McDonalds game they mentioned that he committed to N.C.State early on in the recruiting process but changed his mind because "people on the street" told him he was better than N.C.State so he considered other schools. It's good that C.J.Leslie did what was best for him and didn't listen to the word of those who do not have his best interest at heart. I'm assuming everyone at N.C.State will look at C.J.Leslie as The Savior, he wouldn't have had that kind of treatment if he chose another school

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J. Vandenberg 7 foot aussie

J. Vandenberg
7 foot aussie from NC state haha

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