Lottery In Depth...

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Lottery In Depth...

1. Do you pass on John Wall after seeing Tyreke Evans, and Derrick Rose take helm of their respective franchises? Not. You can trade Devin Harris in this scenerio and find a 'moose' this time around. I wouldn't rule-out Troy Murphy and Pacers' pick being discussed for Harris and Jianlian.

Derrick Rose.

2. Wolves struggled this whole season with injuries to their key players (Al Jefferson, Kevin Love) and frustration that's mounted on a rookie Point Guard in Johnny Flynn only justifies their tough outing. But their future is more bright than what most consider the reigning young talented crop -- OKC Thunder. I saw Flynn struggle early-on in Rambis' triangle-system and that's an adjustment for any Rookie. Take Tony Parker under Greg Popovich for instance, or Rajon Rondo under Doc Rivers. So all that said, you have to take Evan Turner to mitigate the visible pressure. He'll being the best out of Johnny Flynn with his ball-handling and decision-making, creating shots for him.

A balance attack ala Brandon Roy, or might I say the 'elixir' to perimeter problems.

3. Kings at this point are examining the best prospects available: Derrick Favors and Demarcus COusins. I say take Demarcus Cousins. Favorable mismatches don't fall this far, but in his case, it looks like it'll happen. As 'Boogie' reputation takes a bashing because he complains overtly (saying players deliberate try to hurt him) about the physical pounding throughout his playing season, only those who pass on him might regret it. He can spew soap-operas like Bobcats' Stephen Jackson. But him and Reke will storm the league like Bibby and Webber once did. I see his well-known trait as off-course emotions at time. At least he cares. Cousins isn't your typical Center, not that strength is a problem, obviously, but finesse-play is developing around his game. He should also boost their rebounding deficiency.

Cliff Robinson w/strength.

4. Warriors: Approach the draft blandly. Of course, easier said than done with their featured structure. But there's always better days when you start off your draft night taking sure-fire in Derrick Favors. I'm iterating a guy who maintains humbleness, yet brute ability around the rim. Get this, he's only 18. Put him with Curry and your 1-4 is locked up the next 10 years. All that said, many holes on Warriors' roster exist, especially the coach position.

Al Horford.

5. Wizards: Ed Davis was injured during this past season's campaign, but it shouldn't forfeit any possibility of him being selected by Washington, a team that needs front-court help... bad. He's the closest of this year's draft when you're looking for Chris Bosh's skill-set, a four that can post-up and score. But his defensive upside is striking, unlike Bosh. At one point during a dire situation, he blocked six shots against the reigning NCAAM-Champs, but only to lose for issues that complicated Tar Heels' season.


6. 76ers: Eddie Jordan, if given another chance in Philly while Greg Monroe is there just might change the confusing season they've distanced. He fits their latest implemented system perfectly, a 4-5 that can pass, shoot out to three, and use high IQ on the move. Yeah, you can say he's in the same boat Joakim Noah was, but their skill-set overpass in some areas -- Noah loves contact and he can't stretch the defense as much; Monroe hates contact, but he can keep the defense honest if you leave him open. And his skill-set helps his upside at 6'11". Look for Philly to move Young on the wing permanently. Also, this should give Brand some incentive to end on a good note.

Lamar Odom.

7. Pistons: Lesson number one: never make Charlie V. a focal point in your front-court, as we've found out he makes Austin Daye look that of Alonzo Mourning. itchy... itchy... yah-yah-yah-yah! But in all seriousness, they have to move Prince for a big-man and take Al-Farouq Aminu, another SF that gets compared to Lebron James and Josh Smith. We saw the same comparisons with James Johnson, this huge wing with feel on the perimeter. I'm sure them guys don't mind.

8. Clippers: Wesley Johnson smiles. Oh yes, he smiles! He can fly in transition like most can't. His perimeter shooting is competent. Though I would like to see him take guys off the dribble at his next genetic series. At Syracuse I saw him use a nice jab-step series and that'll do him good wit Blake Griffin kicking-out. So, getting straight to the point, those two as projected should have teams working harder than the past offers.

Pippen and Kemp (lol/j-k).

9. Jazz: The current theme in the snow-lakes haven't change, team oriented and defense. Do those and you're fine with the legend coach Sloan. Cole Aldrich falls to their delight, a team that's expected to lose Boozer elsewhere, but possibly gain a high-rate role player in their eyes. His wingspan has upside when you're mentioning those that currently bout in Utah. He brings a different dimension. Get him and you haven't missed a beat.

10. Pacers: Say what you want, 'Wall did it all', or 'Bledsoe just didn't appear to be a case of Wall's sabotage'. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are you done yet? Fact is, Bledsoe is a tough minded player who comes from a background that exceeds Wall. That being said, Bledsoe has much more of a chip planted on his shoulder and it'll sprout with Granger catching 'on-spots' off the pick-and-pop. I'm not sure if you can find caliber Lead-Guards or Point-Guards in Free Agency these days. Their crop isn't getting it done. It isn't like you're drafting Raymond Felton over Chris Paul.

John Starks.

11. Hornets: Hassan Whiteside numbers stood-out, but the competition also stood-out. Nevertheless, didn't Paul and Chandler experiment go on course for the bulk of its existence? Yeah. So why not try it again?

Tyson Chandler or Marcus Camby?

12. Grizzlies: At this juncture, go ahead and get Donatas Motiejunas. Reason being is Zach Randolph, no one know if 2011 is his last season in Memphis. Darrell Arthur play only shoves this notion even more. So Motiejunas is the safe pick here.

Donatas has a inch on Toni Kukoc?

13. Raptors: Solomon Alabi can step out and hit the elbow jumper, block shots, and move with agility that most big-men don't have. Overall, yeah I know what you're thinking, 'is he better than Hasheem Thabeet?' I think so. I always felt that way. He certainly is a better prospect. But at times he fits that of a role player at Florida State, allowing Chris Singleton (another impressive prospect) to assert himself more than skill-levels suggest. Another reason he can be headed to Toronto is what looms of Chris Bosh. And simply they don't have a true Center in all honesty. Keep packing that international flavor! Why dont cha!

14. Rockets: Rockets are getting scarier by the minutes of each season. Their GM, Darly Morey, pulled off a trade to get Kevin Martin to access the abilities of M.I.P. Aaron Brooks, and my gosh, wait until Yao is healthy. Til then, get a big-man. Chuck Hayes and Jordan Hill are borderline third options at the moment. Ekpe Udoh is your guy. He plays within his capabilities, nice moves ala Antwan Jamison, great anticipaion on defense and breathes team-player.


15. Bucks: Patrick Patterson is considered a veteran already. He's a tough minded four with ability to get better in every situation that's presented. This year his range showed improvement and rebounding has always been one of his signing-offs. He's your typical Skiles player. And not to get sidetracked, but a little nemesis fever hampered what otherwise could of wrote a great ending for Wildcats. On numerous occasions I saw Wall and Patterson have somewhat cloaked arguments, and even at times physical between the two. Look at the tape. So that being stated, Patterson and Skiles... can't wait! Those two guys are made for each other. This will have people remaking their draft boards with Patterson right below Wall in three years of expectancy.

Carlos Boozer.

16. Timberwolves: Daniel Orton can be a guy that you say 'he did the Tracey McGrady and Larry Hughes', or just got undervalued. From what I saw, Orton has major upside at the Center position, looking to establish position and hold his ground on defense. That makes him tough to score against. But this is definitely the right situation for him.

Alonzo Mourning.

17. Bulls: Luol Deng has to be top-10 in excused players when you're underlining injuries and expectations. I love his fight, especially in light of his 'give-it-another-go' against Lebron James in game 3 of the 2010 NBA playoffs. Therefore, as brittle as he is, do you really expect him to be starting and delivering on a 12-million annual in two years? Hardly. If it wasn't for James Johnson's premature evolution to the NBA, I would dare there's your starter. Deng's dribbling ability and two-point-shot dependence isn't making me do the hokey-pokey. When he's on, he on; when he off, he's off. So while you can, go and draft a player in Luke Babbitt, who can stroke from three, post-up and score with rhythm from anywhere out to 23 feet. He be-all what Rose needs at the three/SF.

Bigger Manu Ginobili.

Sorry for not having Tiny Gallon in the lottery. His name Tiny contradicts the fact he can eat his way out the league.

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i'm kinda afraid that

i'm kinda afraid that cousins might end up like beasley. tons of a potential but in the words of sir charles they're "terrible knucklehead's"

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nets trade

i think that nets/pacers trade is very interesting for both teams. might be something to look into after free agency settles

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The Nets/Pacers trade would be interesting especially if it this year's first round pick which is number 10. It would give the Nets 4 picks in this draft with 3 being in the first round. 3 first round picks with already a bright future and room for 1 max free agent would be great for a team moving to Brooklyn in the next 2 years.

With the 4 picks I could see them doing:
Number 1 Pick-John Wall
Numer 10 Pick-James Anderson
Number 27 Pick-Solomon Alabi
Number 31 Pick-Quincy Pondexter

Then with the Free Agency situation they could go after Rudy Gay or David Lee...I think that is who they should go after because IMO none of the big names are going to move execpt for Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh which I think those 2 will not end up with the Nets.

Their rotation could look something like this:
PG-John Wall/Keyon Dooling
SG-Courtney Lee/James Anderson/Chris Douglas-Roberts
SF-Rudy Gay/Terrence Williams/Quincy Pondexter
PF-Troy Murphy/Kris Humprhies/Josh Boone
C-Brook Lopez/Solomon Alabi

Coach: Jeff Van Gundy

I think a that team could push for a play-off sport. Record-40-42


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7. Pistons: Lesson number

7. Pistons: Lesson number one: never make Charlie V. a focal point in your front-court, as we've found out he makes Austin Daye look that of Alonzo Mourning. itchy... itchy... yah-yah-yah-yah! But in all seriousness, they have to move Prince for a big-man and take Al-Farouq Aminu, another SF that gets compared to Lebron James and Josh Smith. We saw the same comparisons with James Johnson, this huge wing with feel on the perimeter. I'm sure them guys don't mind.

on an team STACKED with small forwards... this is the LAST thing id wanna see detroit do...

they need to take the best big man available at their pick... period... and still trade tayshaun AND rip for bigs or expirings...

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Wesley Johnson will become a

Wesley Johnson will become a good 3rd or 4th option for the Clippers. The winning of games will not come down to him and Griffin. It will come down to Gordon and Griffin, don't get me wrong i would love to see Johnson in a Clippers uniform but he isn't the offensive or defensive talent that Gordon is. Gordon will be a star in the NBA as he scores the ball very well and plays defense at a very high level.

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