Bosh to Houston?

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Bosh to Houston?

What do you think the trade will end up being for salaries to match? Let me know what you all think.

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Let me cast my mind back to

Let me cast my mind back to the last superstar to be traded from a poor team to Houston...Oh yes, Tracey McGrady. That didn't turn out too well, did it. Bosh should stay in Toronto in my opinion. They could have easily made the playoffs had he played 82 games, and have some good pieces.

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you cant put Bosh down

you cant put Bosh down because Tracy Mcgrady didnt know how to stay on the floor. and Bosh shouldnt stay in Toronto imo. If he would have played in all 82 games they would have been the 8th seed in the east and a first round knock out. If Bosh wants to win he is going to have to go to somewhere else

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I'm not saying this will

I'm not saying this will happen but I think it's feasible and the money should add up on both sides. Bosh to the Rockets. Jordan Hill, Shane Battier and Jared Jeffries to the Raps.

Bosh gets a max contract and gets to move home to Texas. The Rockets get their elite big man to add to their nice nucleus of Brooks, Martin and Ariza.

The Raptors get a young PF with potential, an excellent defender and team leader in Battier (possibly their biggest need) and another versatile big man in Jared Jeffries. Not a bad trade off considering they could lose Bosh and get nothing back in return.

Ultimately if the Raptors perform very poorly in the upcoming season they'll be in good position to rebuild with Battier, Jeffries, Reggie Evans and Marcus Banks' contracts coming off the books next summer (a combined $24 million)

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Taking away Bosh's salary

Taking away Bosh's salary next year, the Raptors still have a reasonably high payroll (with 3 roster spots to fill), so the salaries would probably have to match up, The Raps have been saying all along that they will demand equal value for Bosh. Assuming that it's a sign in trade in which Bosh gets about $20 million, Houston would have to offer Matin, Ariza and either Lowry/Jordan/Hill/David Anderson, or Yao and anyone of those players. Seeing how the Rockets performed this year without Yao, and with Brooks and Scola getting better by the game, not to mention a lottery pick, I wouldn't do t if I was them.

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don't like this trade for the rockets

i understand the benefits of having a chris bosh in your line-up, but i think that addition is just going to create a scoring logjam. there is no way there are going to be enough shots for everyone if you put brooks, martin, ariza, bosh and yao on the same court. the beauty of a guy like scola is he'll go and find his points off of offensive rebounds. i think yao, scola, ariza, martin, brooks with lowry, their 1st rounder, budinger, hill/anderson/hayes off the bench could make the playoff next year. not to mention, then they could use the money freed up from jeffries' deal to go after a good player in 2011.

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If I was Bryan Colangelo, I would try to pull this deal off with

To The Rockets: Chris Bosh, Jarrett Jack and Reggie Evans
To The Raptors: Kevin Martin, Kyle Lowry, Shane Battier, Jordan Hill and Chuck Hayes.

Why Bosh get's to go back the state of Texas, his buddy Jack goes along with him and it brakes up the Calderon/Jack paring and with the play of Johnson last season; Evens is no longer needed. With the addition of Martin it gives us a true Shooting Guard and put's DeRozan into the backup SF position where he and a defensive minded Battier will split a lot of minutes together there. Hill and Lowry both lottery drafted players and can help the Raptor's this upcoming season and years from now. Another defense first type player Hayes will help us where we need the help the most defense.

Than I would deal Hedo Turkoglu back to Orlando and acquire Brandon Bass and Marcin Gortat.

Why I know it's only been one season with Turkoglu but he didn't work out the way that BC or Raptor's nation wanted it to work, and with SF's Battier and Hayes and SG Martin all coming over in the Bosh deal. Our need for Turkoglu is no more. With Bass and Gortat it gives us size and more defenses.

With the 13th Overall Draft Pick: Draft Centre Hassan Whiteside out of Marshall.

Why One of the best Centre's coming out of the Draft this year and this put Barganani back to the PF position because he is not a Centre in the NBA.

Resign RFA's Amir Johnson and newly acquired Kyle Lowry.

Our Toronto Raptor's 2010/2011 Roster
PF Andrea Bargnani Amir Johnson Brandon Bass
SF Shane Battier DeMar DeRozan Chuck Hayes
C Hassan Whiteside Marcin Gortat Jordan Hill
SG Kevin Martin Sonny Weems Marco Belinelli
PG Jose Calderon Kyle Lowry Marcus Banks
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The Rockets proved they

The Rockets proved they didn't need many more players and Scola is doing his job and will be a perfect fit aside Yao Ming. Bargnani is a power forward, not a center, he needs a defensive center to be efficient shooting threes and attacking the rim. The Raptors should better ask Houston pick instead of Jordan Hill and then with their two picks draft a center and then a scoring guard or forward who could play with Hedo. (I don't know if Derozan will be that good of a player)

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bosh probably likes houston

bosh probably likes houston cause its close to home... but i bet he likes the idea of playin with lebron a LOT more...

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The trade

It sounds like Houston would try to get Bosh.

I think Houston doesn't really need Bosh and would not be willing to give up too much to get him. From Morey's track records, it is likely that BC will get ripped off on any deals with the Rockets.

As a Rockets fan, the team is already pretty good, and i would rather pay Scola 6~7 mil a year than to offer Bosh a max deal. The Rockets should focus on keeping the good players (Yao, Scola, Lowry) and get a legit big man to back Yao. Brad Miller would be a great backup for Yao. Nesterovic is also a good option. Also, get better medical staffs and trainers. Health has always been the biggest issue for the Rockets.

As a Raptors fan, they should try trading Bosh to other team. Morey is not dumb enough to take on Turk's contract for any of his good players. Apparently, BC wanna dump Turk on any Bosh S&T deal.

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How much salary space does

How much salary space does Houston have? Cuz I think Bosh would be a great fit there. I kinda forgot about Houston, they've had a quiet year. But with Adelman as the coach, I could see him using Bosh in alot of the same ways he used Chris Webber before Webber got old. He would be the number 1 option and the surrounding cast would be really solid with Martin, Brooks, Scola...throw in Ariza and Battier on the wings too. That team could be very solid. Along with a lottery pick and that team could be scary.

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With Bosh, Yao, Kmart they

With Bosh, Yao, Kmart they will be a soft team on defense.
They don't need Bosh esp. if Yao is healthy with Kmart, Brooks, Scola they'll have plenty of scoring.
Also Jeffries/Battier/Hill give them some nice bench players too.
A team like OKC should go after Bosh they need a PF.
The whole play in your hometown or nearby is overrated, how many guys play for the team in their hometown.
More importantly how many guys actually sign with a team becaz its in their hometown.
Its all about the money and chance to play for a winner.

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