Hassan Whiteside

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Hassan Whiteside

Anyone see him being at the worst a Steven Hunter? A solid role player, who could have been pretty good if he would have come along.

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When has Steven Hunter been

When has Steven Hunter been a solid role player? I think veteran 3rd string center would be a better description. I think Whiteside has Tyson Chandler potential, at his best he was a 12 11 and 2 guy who tried out for the Olympics, at his worst he is a guy who gets in foul trouble, gets hurt and give you 6 and 6, but still alters shots in the lane with his length.

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Steven Hunter is a worst

Steven Hunter is a worst case scenario. I think at best he's another Tyson Chandler. He reminds me of Samuel Dalembert.

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Strong finisher
Cleans up the glass
An absolute terror in the paint on defense
Shot blocking, ability to alter shots
A good frame that continues to fill out as he gets older
Loads and loads of upside

Relies too much on his shot blocking which causes him to coast on the defensive end
Offensive game is still raw
Needs to develop a consistent outside shot
Comfort in handling the basketball especially when double-teamed down low
Must become stronger and more physical to truly reach his potential

Summary: Whiteside's stock is on fire. He has pretty much come from nowhere to be one of the most intriguing prospects in college basketball. While he still needs to develop his all-around offensive game, his stock is soaring so it might be hard for him to turn down the possibility of becoming a top-five pick. Wherever he ends up, that team will have to be patient in letting Whiteside develop, but the potential is definitely plentiful.

Player Comparison: A poor man's Dwight Howard. Whiteside reminds me of a young Howard due to his length, rebounding and shot-blocking abilities. Howard was not polished offensively when he first came into the league and pretty much got most of points on dunks or offensive putbacks, which is where Whiteside is earning his buckets. Whiteside has the frame to fill out and be a physical specimen that Howard has become. I admit the Howard comparison is mighty lofty so right now think of Whiteside as a DeAndre Jordan-type.


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I like the Tyson Chandler

I like the Tyson Chandler comparison alot. Chandler is a guy who I've always liked, just not as an offensive player. I remember when he was healthy, he was a good defender...not just a shotblocker, but he actually was able to guard 4's out on the floor. He's never been more than a dunker on offense, but you take the good with the bad.

The only thing I dont like about shotblockers is that all of them think they are going to block every shot and tend to give up alot of offensive rebounds because they dont box out. I could see Whiteside giving up alot of offensive rebounds.

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I like Hassan's Upside

Tyson Chandler/Marcus Camby comparison is quite accurate... I kinda like it for a guy who still has tons of potential...

I like his upside but I got the feeling that he would be DeAndre Jordan all over again... DeAndre was touted as a lot of upside who will go mid-lotto to mid-first rounder but he fell wayyyyy down the second round...

As much as I love to see Whiteside get drafted in the first round, I wouldn't be surprised if he fell down the early 2nd round...
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Hunter didn't have any

Hunter didn't have any coordination or strength. Whiteside is so much a better athlete than it's a shame to compare them. Plus Whiteside showed some semblance of jumpshot and was the best shot blocker of the NCAA while Hunter didn't even dominate at DePaul. Jordan was impressive sometimes athletically but he had big footwork problem in the low post, Whiteside will be better.

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I really believe Whiteside
I really believe Whiteside has much more offensive skill already developed than Chandler. Chandler never scored on anything but dunks, but you can already see this kid stepping out and hitting 10-15 footers.
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I just think this kid will

I just think this kid will be a complete bust. Too many times have young mid-major centers been hyped up. Nobody had even heard of him until mid-year and most of the basketball population still doesn't know who this guy is and he's supposed to be a late lottery to mid-first rounder? This site even had him in the top ten at one point. Players he will be like- Hilton Armstrong, Patrick O'Bryant, or Robin Lopez. He'll make a roster but he'll be playing in the d-league his first two years and be out of the league in 5-6 yrs.

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Really, i dont think hell

Really, i dont think hell fall anywhere above 20, his upside's too high,
and Houston needs a backup Center for Yao, and will be happy to have him
for a few years and develop him

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Just saw where in January on

Just saw where in January on the Top 100 prospects this site had him jump 99 spots to the #2 overall player.

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