Tyreke Evans

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Tyreke Evans

I did not see Tyreke having this big of an impact in the NBA. I remember watching him in high school on espn and for Memphis. He was very good but his shot wasnt great and decision making was questionable. I guess his style of play was better suited for the NBA.

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As a kings fan...

I went in optimistic not knowing what to expect. Obviously he shocked the hell out of everyone including me. He's definitely more suited for the NBA. Also he could become even more deadly because he is supposed to be working with Ben Gordon's shooting coach this offseason and he said that he would come back next season with a mid range jumper. If he has even a somewhat consistent jumper enough to make people play him a little more closely he'll put up 25 a game. Also he couldve averaged more assists this year but Jason Thompson and Spencer hawes love missing from point blank range. His ceiling is great and even if the kings were to acquire another dominant wing player I think he'd produce just as much because of how efficient he is.

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Lets not discount the fact

Lets not discount the fact that he really has improved his game. His looked to be way better than what we saw of him in the past, and what many thought of him projecting to the NBA. Lets also realize that he his playing against PG's a majority of the time, although that in no way diminishes the amazing #'s he put up as a rookie. If his jumpshot, which ppl say is the easiest and most coachable thing in the nba, improves, he'll really become a force to be reckoned with. I would like to seem him play off the ball a little bit more, as he still has his moments, where he's out there alienating teammates. But when you that good, you almost have that right though on a couple possessions.

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