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After reading a post from llprez
i was convinced 2 rite this
alrite for the past week i think
i made a enemy an hes after my points
its like every time i rite sumthing i get a pt
than a like 5mins later i get a neg. pt. and its
seem wierd i wanna kno whos holding a grudge
against me and y show ur self

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It's probably the person you least suspect. (Jesus)

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Damn you, Jermaine. You're

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Damn you, Jermaine. You're lucky we had to release you due to a lack of evidence. Screw that detective crap; I know it's you that's been stealing points. I swear, I'm just gonna show up at your doorstep one day in a Domino's Pizza outfit, ring the doorbell and put my fist through a hole in the middle of the box once you open the door, punching you in your Botox-infested face. I'm gonna serve you a piping-hot ass whuppin' with a side of Chicken Kickers.

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Look, i know i pretend not

Look, i know i pretend not to care about points, but if i find out that any of you are taking my points, i will hunt you down and beat you into a living death you maggots! Otherwise, have a nice day.

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Is this where we come to

Is this where we come to vent?

I hate when I give a hooker $20 to go and get us some cocaine and she doesn't come back!! Happens at least twice a week, ridiculous!!!

Thanks for listening guys, that felt good to let out.

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"I heard it through the

"I heard it through the grapevine", that it was tli232.

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