Ersan Ilyasova

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Ersan Ilyasova

What do you guys think of him?

I think hes that type of guy that every good team needs.
He hustles, rebounds, and can hit shots from the outside and inside.

He just made 2 HUGE plays that lead to Bucks baskets and a 4 point lead.
An offensive rebound and a saved ball

I like him, what do you think of him?

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Was just thinking the same thing

Scrappy little sh!T, that guy is the man. He is the exact opposite of the soft Euro guys we all hate, or the obnoxious ones like caca pachulia (btw Jamal Crawford should have been on the bench those final few posessions)

Love that guy and love that whole team.

omar dayze
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ive liked what this kid brings from day one...
i remember questions of his age and how it might limit his upside but the Bucks gotta be happy with his production and work rate right now, even if there isnt that much room/time for improvement.

o and that move when he went up and around Horford... i knew he was a handy player but damn didnt think he had that sort of control going at the hoop!! bad bad man.

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I watched him a lot with

I watched him a lot with Barcelona last season and It was obvious that he belongs to the NBA
he is a very good player
and man I am starting to fall in love with the Bucks,I can't believe that I was predicting that they will have the worst record in the league b4 the season starts,I was awfully wrong

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He's a solid player in the

He's a solid player in the NBA... falls in love with the jump shot too much, though (One point in late february he didnt even attempt a FT in 5 out of 6 games--while playing good minutes)

the barron
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This guy can play

Safe to say the Bucks wouldnt be here without him. He's a hard worker with skill a great combination. He brings it day in and day out. Will have a long and successful future in the Association.

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