LeBron's Sore Elbow

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LeBron's Sore Elbow

Does anyone think that it was absolutely ridiculous for him to shoot that FT left handed? Talk about milking it.......

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That was absurd, he knew how

That was absurd, he knew how stupid it was as soon as he did it considering Chicago was still in the game, the look on his face was pretty good. He isn't going to be able to rest it with an easy series next round, I think Boston will take them to at least 6 games.

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idk about it being that

idk about it being that ridiculous. I hurt my elbow in my sophmore season, i think i just sprained it, still bothers me from time to time, but i couldnt snap my wrist and elbow on a follow through on my free throws so i had to shoot lefty. Idk how severe his injury is but shooting free throws with an elbow injury can be pretty hard.

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Anyone who says this isnt

Anyone who says this isnt crazy is retarded. The shot before, he shot just fine, made the shot and then all of a sudden, he was hurt. If he can play the entire game and take probably close to 20 shots, he can shoot the last free throw with his right hand..

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I was so shocked when I saw him shoot it lefty. If he really was hurt that bad then the logical thing to do is leave the game and let someone else shoot it, but I have a feeling that MeBron wanted to make it for one of those "signature moments." Just a hunch thou

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I consider it a taunt for Chicago... No more no less...LOL
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