Will Conroy should be in the NBA

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Will Conroy should be in the NBA

As a 6'2 pg he had a triple double( 14 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists) in the first game of the D-League finals

He is a great pass first point that has improved his shot alot(but he is still an average shooter) since he left Washington. He still struggles with turnovers sometimes but i think that would be less of a problem if he was on a team with NBA level talent. In my opinion he would make a great 3rd and maybe 2nd string guard for alot of teams.

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I think he could be the next

I think he could be the next Ramon Sessions, meaning he could be the next D-League point guard to get a shot with a NBA team and have a shot at getting a decent contract.

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he has been cose to making a

he has been cose to making a team in the past. He's one of those names that is always mentioned during summers. I liked him coming out of washington, but he needed work on his jumper.

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fellow Seattle guy

being a Seattle guy, i've seen Conroy play ever since high school. pure gym rat who loves basketball. i been arguing with my friends that he should be a NBA PG. I look at a lot of the 3rd string PGs and i know he's better or just as AJ Price, Anthony Johnson, Sergio Rodriguez, Royal Ivey, Bobby Brown, Marcus Williams, Travis Diener, Garret Temple and Sundiata Gaines. I really think he'll earn a contract especially after his performance in the NBDL playoffs. I pulling for my Seattle guy and I think next year will finally be his year to stick

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He seems to be a good player

He seems to be a good player but sometimes it is all about numbers. I remember when that same was said about Will Bynum. He was good but for some reason teams were not keeping him until he got picked up by Detroit now when he becomes a free agent this coming summer a lot of team will be ready to throw some money at him. He could give them starter quality minutes starting or off the bench. I doubt he stays in Detroit. Conroy actually has some size on him. One knock on Bynum was his size but there were a lot of times he outplayed Stuckney.

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will conroy is a

will conroy is a stud...
6'1'' 195 with the ability to handle the ball and make everyone better...i just am at a loss for words how the sluggish and unathletic anthony johnson has a job in the NBA still...or travis diener, or gaines, or kevin ollie

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