What should the wizards do this off season?

What should the wizards do this offseason? We got alot of cap room, a top 8 pick and 3 other picks, the return of Gilbert Arenas, and the emergence of Andray Blatche. who should we pick up? who should we draft? Please let me know im very interested.

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Congrats. Draft Wall.

Congrats. Draft Wall.

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Gilbert has gotta go! One website states that he is the most overpaid player in the NBA and I knew this the minute they signed him to his present big dollar contract. He has never drawn fans , is a stat hog and can't even conduct himself in a proper. How would like to try and build your franchise around this clown ? This is just a continuance of stupid management movements that they make repeatedly. I don't know if they can truly draft John Wall and they may opt for Paul Wall of Swishahouse and Mike Jones rap fame.
At least we'll have bitc*es all up on us!

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