Texas Next Year

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Texas Next Year

With Tristan Thompson committed a while ago, and now cory joseph committing on friday. The longhorns future seems to be bright. How do you guys think they'll do next year with this incoming recruiting class highlighted by the 2 canadians?

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I am a Canadian from Toronto

I am a Canadian from Toronto and on behalf of all Candian basketball fans and people from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
I wanna say we are proud of Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson and cheering you on all the way through.

Now with an unbiast opinion I believe this team can go as far as winning a National Title. The key for them succeeding is Tristan Thompson developing his post game, Cory Joseph living up to expectations, Jordan Hamilton emerging as a true impact player and Texas role players rebounding, shooting smart shots and playing hard defense.

I think they can make the Elite Eight for sure but teams like Duke, North Carolina, Memphis etc. are looking tough to beat.

We will see how it plays out.

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