Tough question for true basketball fans

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Tough question for true basketball fans

who would u draft #1 overall given an expansion team, and it was between an 18yr old Lebron James out of st. vincent st. marys, or 20 yr old shaquille o'neal when he was out of LSU. in terms of championships and marketability

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You can't win w/o bigs , and Shaq is maybe the most dominant big of all time.. MAYBE. He is very marketable and I'd make him sell an album called "taste my ass"

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Thats tough. I think Shaq is

Thats tough. I think Shaq is the more valuable player becasue he could flat out dominate games inside and a dominant big is harder to find. However, he also had a lack of work ethic and missed a lot of games and had issues with many teammates. Think about this, name one team/superstar teammate that he left on good terms with? Orlando/penny, Lakers/kobe, miami/wade, phoenix/nash, he had beef with all of them when he left. Thats something that might make me take lebron over shaq even though shaq would be the better bet to get me a title.

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easy now

I'm taking Lebron for sure and that's tough to say cuz I love me some Shaqtus.....but we are asking this question already knowing what Shaq has done....Lebron is about to start gettin jiggy with it on the reg.....he's just entering his prime now and yet we are still asking this question.....I would take Lebron over ANYONE if I'm starting an expansion team....

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Good question, but i think

Good question, but i think back to what Tracey McGrady had in Orlando. He obviously was putting up 30+ ppg, and yet they had no interior presence, so no playoff success. I think you have to take Shaq, because dominant centres like him are harder to find. An 18 year old LeBron put up 20-5-5, even though that's amazing you can find other players who are capable of those numbers. Not many centres will do what Shaq did.

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I'm taking LeBron for a few

I'm taking LeBron for a few reasons:
1. No player received more hype (and rightfully so) than LeBron James did. If we knew nothing about the future careers of either player, I believe that LeBron would be the projected number one pick in any mock draft.
2. I feel that LeBron is a better leader and has a stronger desire to win than Shaq. There is no debate that Shaq can completely dominate a game, but I think sometimes he is just content with going out and doing what he does. Unless there is a specific challenge (avenging a loss to Houston in the finals with LA, spiting Kobe and winning a ring with Dwayne Wade, and Win the Ring for the King) I don't consider Shaq to be as focused and dedicated as LeBron.
3. If we do know what we know now, you have to consider Shaq's durablilty issues in this question. Shaq has had a number of seasons where he missed plenty of games. I know that LeBron is only 7 years into his NBA career, but pending any major injury I see him playing just as long, and more healthy seasons than Shaq has.

Either way you can't go wrong. These are the two most marketable players ever with the exception of MJ, and two of the most successful. You can't deny that in the early 2000's Shaq was the most dominant player hands down. But LeBron is dominating in a way that MJ never did, that Magic never did, and that any other great player didn't. He finds a perfect balance of controlling a game with his scoring and his ability to get others involved as well.

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Follow Up

Okay, knowing just about what that player did up to that point in their career (age, injuries, success, etc.) which player would you take to start a franchise?
-LeBron James (2010- after wrapping up 2nd straight MVP)
-Shaquille O'Neal (2000- start of Lakers run)
-Michael Jordan (1991- after 1st NBA title)
-Kobe Bryant (2002- after 3rd NBA title)
-Magic Johnson (1985- after 3rd NBA title)
-Larry Bird (1984- after 2nd NBA title)

I picked a year for each player that would be similar for all (6-8 seasons in the league). Rank 1-6.

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I'd have to go with Shaq.

I'd have to go with Shaq. Give him a 7 year contract that you're a championship team for 7 years.

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I'd take Shaq simply because when he was winning championships with LA, he used to just simply single handedly win games for LA. Not many bigs now a days could do the things Lebron did.

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maybe it is hard to judge because shaq is basically done but you know you got atleast 4 rings with shaq while with lebron we just dont know. i even think you could make an argument for kobe vs lebron. i mean kobe won one without shaq and lebron hasnt won anything. so yes i take shaq at 20 years old over lebron at 18. and to be honest i dont think lebron wins that many rings(maybe 2) because of what dwight howard brings to his team.

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Lebron. At least the jury is

Lebron. At least the jury is still out on whether or not he will resign with Cleveland his original team.

Shaq as we all know, left the team that drafted him to sign a bigger contract in lala land.

If i could be assured of resigning Shaq then he would probably get the edge, but knowing what I know now, Lebron is the pick.

Off the topic though, I would choose Duncan over both the other two.

We already know he chose to stay with the original team that drafted him, instead of taking the monster contract offered him in Orlando.

Has won four titles, was an elite big man which is harder to find than a swingman and was a better defender and more of a team player than Shaq.

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I was really close to adding

I was really close to adding Tim Duncan to that list.

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I love Bron and he will be ranked higher than Shaq as far as best to play the game.
But Shaq was a dominant force and won rings because he couldn't be stopped.
Go back and look at the playoff averages of Shaq and you would see there was not anyone that could do anything to
stop him from winning a chip or 2 or 3 or 4.
He made movies and made a rap album, he was and still is a market attraction.
You always go with the dominant big guy over the wing player.

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shaq, he was dominant even

shaq, he was dominant even when the nba had good centers like hakeem, ewing, robinson were defending him. If you shaq was playing today he would dominate the nba and dwight.

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Shaq, i'm only 13 and coulnt

Shaq, i'm only 13 and coulnt watch him at his prime,
but dudes a beast, And when i saw games from his Prime, he was just soo athletic
Pair him up with a good sidekick, a guard (Penny Hardaway,Kobe,D-Wade,Steve Nash)
You're Going to get Success No Matter What
he Dominates the Paint, Defended, and DOMINATED

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Shaq any day of the week. A

Shaq any day of the week. A dominant big man is the most important player on a team. I cant think of the last team that won a championship without a really good big guy. Good wing players are a dime a dozen...I'm not saying that Lebron is a dime a dozen type of talent, but valuable wings are just simply not as important as a dominant big man and a dominant point guard.

The 2 biggest keys to basketball offensively are tempo and efficiency. a big man can have a major part in controlling both.

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I would trade down and get a

I would trade down and get a young Larry and another 1st round pick :)

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I'm not a fan of either of

I'm not a fan of either of them really but results don't lie so i would have Shaq.

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Shaq. A dominant big man

Shaq. A dominant big man makes the game easier for everybody else at both ends.

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