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Who do you think we will select with our 1st pick if we don't win the lotto & slide in the 4th spot?

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I would probably take

I would probably take Favors, it fills the need, and even if they land Boozer/Amare/Bosh all those guys can step in and play some 5 so Favors would still be given the opportunity to see somewhat decent minutes.

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While I think Derrick Favors def. does fit a need for this with Yi being a huge disappointment...if I was the Nets I would also take a serious look at Wesley Johnson. The one they missed was an exciting wing you can hit a outside shot consistent and I feel Johnson can fit that role.

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Williams is a 3 that is

Williams is a 3 that is rising in his game. I only see John Wall or a athletic 4 for NJ. Turner and Wesley or nice but they would do well to sign a 2 guard or take someone later on because there will be lot of solid 2's late in the draft. They could also try to get Ellis from GSW. Can you imagine harris Ellis Williams Favors and Lopez with Lee, Dooling, Humpries, and some other free agents off the bench. That would be a solid line up. GSW would probably want a pick and Yi which could be easily had to get rid of a player that does not mesh with Stephon Curry and they would Have Turner, Curry, and maggette, Randolph, and Biedrins with hopefully a solid bench. GSW may not make this but if they were to draft Turner this would not be a bad move because they would get out of Ellis deal and have a solid young core with money for some veterans bigs.

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All the people I know from

All the people I know from Jersey say they rather have Tuner as a SF over Wall with the first pick, so if they get the fourth they would probably get a scoring SF in Johnson. Gives them scoring as well as fill a need.

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Terrence Williams is a very

Terrence Williams is a very exciting wing. He can't shoot at all, but that's a common problem amongst young players; it's also the only gaping hole in his game. He played very well towards the end of the year, and I think that he has the potential to become one of the league's most versatile players.

We are in desperate need of a shooter. Wesley Johnson could come in and play the 3 while Williams plays the 2, thus moving Courtney Lee to the bench. I'd take Favors, Cousins, or Monroe over Yi any day of the week.

Xavier Henry really isn't good enough to be warranted with a top-4 pick, but if we get John Wall, then we might be able to move Devin Harris for another lottery pick, which would allow us to pick a guy like Henry or Johnson as well as Wall.

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i say they take aminu at sf

i say they take aminu at sf to fill the hole and add defense(somthing they dont play) and pick up a nice PF when free angency comes

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If the Nets don't get the #1

If the Nets don't get the #1 pick, I won't be shocked if they try everything in there power to trade up to the #1 slot.

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I think they should pick Wall if they got the first and do a 3

way trade with Harris. Maybe something like if they got Prince from the Pistons, Harris goes to Indy and Murphy goes to Detroit or something like that. Than just play TWill at SG. If they don't get the first pick they should get either ET or Favors or Monroe

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Turner will be gone before

Turner will be gone before the 4th pick

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I wouldn't pick Favors. They

I wouldn't pick Favors. They can get a more immediate answer than him in free agency. Josh Boone and Yi Jianlian both are solid if they're backups. If they can get a starting caliber in free agency, they should look to get him over Favors.

They need John Wall or if they don't get one of the 1st 2 picks, they should pick Wesley Johnson. They need a shooter more than they need a PF.

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If the Nets are smart then

If the Nets are smart then they'll take john wall and start over

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People the scenario I'm

People the scenario I'm trying to convey is if we pick @ the 4th spot not 1 2 or 3.

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The consensus 1-2 picks seem

The consensus 1-2 picks seem to be Wall/Turner so I could definitly see Favors falling into the Nets laps at #4.

I think he'd be a perfect fit there. His athleticism, rebounding and defense would really complement Lopez who seems more natural camping out in the paint. Favors looks similiar to a young Josh Smith and if he can have a similiar impact in Jersey they might end up with one of the best frontcourts in the league within three years.

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i think if top 3

i think if top 3 go:

then the nets should....

well to tell you the truth theyd be screwed

maybe greg monroe

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does anybody think the nets can sign rudy gay and amare ?? and have a high draft pick maybe evan or wall remember this is just a question

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If NJ doesn't get a top 2

If NJ doesn't get a top 2 pick they should trade out of it. No sure things in my opinion after Wall and Turner are gone.

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I would not be surprised if

I would not be surprised if the Nets did it like this...

1. Turner
2. Wall
3. Favors
4. Demarcus Cousins

The emergence of Terrence Williams allows us to be flexible with our picks... we need more aggressive players and rebounding more than anything, Brook cant do it alone.

We may even look at a PG with our latter pick... and take a gamble on Willie Warren who has lottery pick talent, and if that doesn't work out we still have a solid point guard in Devin Harris.

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