Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook

A poor man's Dwyane Wade?

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what baron davis should have

what baron davis should have been? i think dwade is a better midrange shooter

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A better Steve Francis to

A better Steve Francis to me. He can do a bit of everything, all he needs is that outside shot to come along and he will be amazing.

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A consistent 12-15 foot

A consistent 12-15 foot pull-up jumper will work wonders for him.

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HIs passing is really

HIs passing is really underrated, I say a steve francis with better court vision and less selfishness

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I dont think he really has a

I dont think he really has a comparison, he's really his own player.

I think if he has a consistent 3 pt shot, along with his mid range jumper which has really improved.
He will be a top 3 pg in the league in a couple years, him and rose will be right next to eachother the rest of their careers, although i still like westbrook

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The closest comparison is

The closest comparison is Steve Francis without the jumper. There is really no spot-on comparison for him though.

Baron Davis is a better shooter and a more natural playmaker. He also is/was one of the 3 strongest PG's in the game. Westbrook has wiry strength, but Baron Davis was a very compact specimen.

D. Wade is a more spectacular and MUCH more efficient finisher. He's also not capable of taking over games scoring like Wade. Even though he can take over games in spurts.

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I would compare him to

I would compare him to Francis. I think Francis was a better shooter, and had better court vision (although I think he was a much less willing passer) than Westbrook currently has.

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did anyone watch the lakers

did anyone watch the lakers game last night? There is no one on the lakers that can stay in front of him. I think steve francis is a great comparison,

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i never feel like dwyane

i never feel like dwyane wade is outta control, while the same can't be said for russell. he also doesn't have the handle francis had, but he's a better defender and i agree with whoever said he's a better passer than francis... whether that's cuz he plays with durant.... or because francis was the STAR on his team- that i dont know

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I am glad he turned out the be the pure PG that I thought he would be cuz I have had many arguments with my friends over if he is a pure PG or a combo PG. Love watching this team and let's give some love to the OKC fans cuz they are legit!

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