Whos mid range shot

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Whos mid range shot

Whos mid range shot has been better in the playoffs Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook so far?

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Rose. The Cavs had to throw

Rose. The Cavs had to throw their 6'8 freakish forward on him to stop him. He still managed to bury the first 2 on him. Respect.

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IDK, and why does everything seem to become a D. Rose vs Westbrook thread lol?

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Let's be honest they are probably the two most exciting players in the NBA. No disrespect to KD, Evans and the like but the speed those two play at the dunks they throw down and the share enjoyment you get from watching them you can't help but like them.

They also weren't suppose to be this good already, especially not Westbrook. Mayo and Gordon seem to be taking the scenic route to becoming stars, these two have already arrived.

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^^^don't forget Michael

^^^don't forget Michael Beasley.

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I say forget Michael Beasley

I say forget Michael Beasley

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Easily Derrick Rose.

Easily Derrick Rose. Westbrook has done most of his damage slashing all the way to the rim. Rose has been much better from mid-range.

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tear drop

Rose has added that floater all the time and its pretty lethal....

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I dunno.. I've seen both of

I dunno.. I've seen both of them be able to pull up and hit in mid range really well, i've really like what I've seen from Westbrook in the playoffs, as well as Rose.

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mid-range? ... that's

mid-range? ... that's definately rose's category

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rose by far. the cavs

rose by far. the cavs entire defence is preticated on not allowing layups and close shots and rose is still killing them.

i think a lot of people compare westbrook and rose because their games are so similar and both and coming up and showing they are for real at about the same time.

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I would hate to see what

I would hate to see what Rose would be able to do if he had another scorer like Kevin Durant on his team. Do you see all of these iso situations Westbrook is able to get against Fisher? Could you imagine Rose getting that? Rose has seen traps and clogged lanes against him all season, because the Bulls don't have a scoring threat even 25% as good as Durant.

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