Bosh or Amare

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Bosh or Amare

Personally, I take Bosh. But amare is my fav playa,

any thoughts?

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No Doubt... Amare is about a year older than Bosh & let's face it. He can shoot just as well as Chris Bosh. BUT he is wayy more explosive in my opinion & with the right group of guys and coaches I think he can easily be influenced to go harder on the defensive end. I'd take Amare without a doubt, he's had more success & that may be due to the fact that his supporting cast has been better than Bosh, but either way he plays against the best PF's in the game...Most are in the West. My pick is Amare.

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Give me Bosh. He's better at

Give me Bosh. He's better at everything, he's just not quite as physically gifted.

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I'll take Bosh as well. I

I'll take Bosh as well. I don't see Amare doing anything he hasn't done already, and to me he's lazy and not motivated to get better. He should be a lot better, but he's too lazy to improve.

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Bosh, Iggy summed it up,

Bosh, Iggy summed it up, Stoudemire is better athletically, and thats about were it stops...

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I take bosh to he rebounds

I take bosh to he rebounds better and will hold defense with alot more effort than amare. amare has been doin same things since he got in the nba he is just a better athlete than bosh.

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Bosh all day, he is better at just about every facet of the game.

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Bosh absolutely

The difference here is Bosh's rebounding and tenacity. Bill Simmons pointed out in his annual trade value column that (speaking of Amare) he couldn't imagine giving a max contract to a player of Amare's size and skill that gets "2 rebounds per quarter." The fact that Amare has never averaged double-digit boards is distressing, not to mention issues concerning durability. I like Bosh.

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Bosh I also feel like will

Bosh I also feel like will maintain his level of play for longer than Amare, once Amare starts to lose some athleticism he could go downhill pretty quick. Bosh with his better set of skills I would feel much more comfortable giving a max deal to.

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id take bosh. But it's

id take bosh. But it's close. But bosh will battle more on the boards and on defense.

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When Stoudamire learns how

When Stoudamire learns how to rebound i will make a consideration. 6ppg with his size and atheticism is inexcusable

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Also why is Amare is fights

I'll take Bosh at least he hits the boards. Also Amare has Nash which helps a lot and that offensive style. Bosh doesn't and I think he has more potential.

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I would take bosh because he

I would take bosh because he has a better skill set and doesn't have a two time mvp point setting him up. I like stoudemire a lot though mostly because he can easily play center and put up a good fight against dwight.

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Bosh. Bosh is a better


Bosh is a better rebounder and has better range as well.

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