Who's softer? D.Wade or Lebron

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Who's softer? D.Wade or Lebron

Dwayne Wade was pathetic today in the closing minutes of what was essentially a season ending loss to the Boston Celtics. He seemingly over exaggerated yet another injury and sat the bench as Paul Pierce drained a buzzer beater.

Lebron's lack of freethrow accuracy in the clutch is the opposite of mental toughness; hence I will coin the phrase "mental softness."

So who's softer?

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uhhh, i say.... SHUT UP!

uhhh, i say.... SHUT UP!

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they both finish and 1's on the reg....if you're askin who's more clutch its Wade...

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Wade is not cluth

Wade is not clutch and misses several free throws in the last few minutes of games. Surprisingly it seems even Michael Beasley is more clutch than Wade. Look at the shooting percentages, quite surprising.

Clutch Stats:

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I've definately seen more of

I've definately seen more of Lebron's games then Wade's ... and Lebron's decisions down the stretch of games are sometimes questionable to me -- not taking anything away from him as a talent but I think sometimes he's a far too willing passer in clutch moments, often making the right basketball play, but when I watch someone like Kobe with the ball and the game on the line I just feel like ... you better double or triple him to make him give it up, otherwise he's shooting it, and it's going in, haha --- can't criticize lebron too much for that though cause he's a different player

... where i see a softness in these guys is the CONSTANT campaigning to the officials for fouls - I see it from Lebron most, but have seen a lot of it from Wade in this playoff series as well ... I just think that it's a crybaby attitude and I've seen both of those guys go to the line for calls that they probably shouldn't have gotten or didn't even deserve enough that they should just shut their mouths and play ball

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Whats softer? Steel or a

Whats softer? Steel or a rock? smh...

Stop over analyzing man. Both guys are tough, hard working players. If anyone else was in Wade's situation with almost no help they would look as dejected as he does. Sure he had a couple plays when the energy wasn't there, but are we willing to throw out the '06 finals already? Too many knee-jerk reactions. They're both great players.

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I don't feel you can say any

I don't feel you can say any of these guys are soft.

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I agree, both Lebron and

I agree, both Lebron and Wade are not soft. At first I would have said Wade, but then I realized the team that Wade has. He has absolutely no help. He is playing as hard as a 7th year pro can. If you want to mention the player that is playing soft then it is Micheal Beasley. The guy is in his 2nd year, yet still contributes about 14pts a game. He is young but so far I have not seen anything that explains all the hype there was about him while he was in college. Beasley is a very soft player and needs to get more aggressive if the Heat want to win at least 1 game. Wade is already proven he can do it, but so far his production has not contributed to a win because the Heat expect him to do everything which no player can. If Beasley contributes, shows his potential, and the team helps Wade out then the Heat will win at least 1 game, if not then its a Celtic Sweep.

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