Best international player

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Best international player

Jan Vesely or Dontasa Montiejuas

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I don't know how many of us

I don't know how many of us here have seen enough of either of them to form a real opinion...all I've seen is some YouTube highlights.

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From what ive seen and Heard

From what ive seen and Heard In my opinion
Jan Vesely is better and has more Potential

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right now Vesely

Vesely plays on a better team and puts up better numbers right now and he is strong enough to
play in the league right now and get minutes at the 4 and 3. He is more athletic and plays with contact
I watched one of his games on ESPN 360 and I liked his energy he may never be a star but he can be
a starter or energy guy of the bench.

Montiejuas is not ready to play against NBA big men IMO I haven't seen him since the Hoop Summit
and from what I have reed he hasn't gotten stronger. He is loaded with potential, he can shoot and can handle well for
his size. He is thin and was getting push around in the summit game and doesn't have the speed to be a 3.

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The way you Motiejunas is being described he is Yi 2.0. For some reason people on this site defend Yi but take it from me , i watch the Nets play at least once a week, ( usually during the week) He sucks. HE gets scared and blows point blank dunks.Once in a while Yi gets hot and will put up good stats but for a # 5 pick he has not lived up to potential. Will all the good fowards in this draft i would draft them late first or second, or draft them knowing theyll bust.

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