Cory Joseph/Josh Selby Interviews

Fri, 04/23/2010 - 6:00am

By Rashad Smith

Cory Joseph is a 6’3”, 180 lb Canadian PG out of Findlay College Prep HS. He is ranked no. 7 according to On Friday Joseph announced he was signing with Texas.

Cory JosephCory Where do you think Canadian players rank in comparison to United States players?

Cory Joseph: I wouldn’t rank it first and I wouldn’t rank it second. There’s a lot of great talent in Toronto and Canada. There’s a lot of great talent in the US. The reason I came to the US was for exposure. I think the US definitely has more exposure down here. But I wouldn’t rank it first or second. Do you look up to Steve Nash at all?

Cory Joseph: Oh of course. I try to take bits and pieces from his game, he’s a great player. Two-time MVP. Who wouldn’t look up to him? (laughs) Who’s your favorite player?

Cory Joseph: Ah man. Chris Paul. I try to take stuff from Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Steve Nash, like you said. Those three players, I try to take bits and pieces from all of them. Did you get to speak to Chris Paul (who is a 2003 Jordan Brand Classic All-American and was present at the 2010 Jordan brand Classic)?

Cory Joseph: Yes. Last night. He was at the banquet, where we received our awards and he gave us our awards and took pictures with us. It was great you know, to just pick his mind. With all of the knowledge that he has, it was an honor. So what schools are you still considering?

Cory Joseph: I have a top 5 which are UConn, Villanova, Texas, Minnesota and UNLV. (signed with Texas) Who did you pick to win the NCAA tournament?

Cory Joseph: Oh I didn’t fill out a bracket. But I would’ve picked Minnesota. My brother goes to school there.

Josh Selby Interview

It was announced on Saturday April 17, 2010 by Josh Selby, that he would to attending the University of Kansas. On Saturday after the 2010 Jordan Brand Classic, we had the chance to speak with Selby. Selby is a tough-as-nails guard out of Lake Clifton-Eastern HS in Baltimore, Md., who is ranked no. 4 according to When it comes to Kansas, what do you believe you can bring to the table?

Josh Selby: Another Sherron Collins to be honest. Someone who can play defense, and lead the team. Someone who is mentally, and physically tough. A person who is going to score and do what they have to do to win, someone who is a competitor. So when you visited Kansas, did you get a chance to run with them?

Josh Selby: No, I never got to play with them. I really wanted to because I wanted to see how I could do against Sherron Collins to be honest. But I never did. It was a shocker when Kansas was knocked out of the tournament, but did you predict them to win the national championship?

Josh Selby: I had them winning, I won’t even lie. I was arguing back and forth with people over Kansas. But hopefully we don’t do the same thing that they did this year.

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