Do these giants ever have a chance at the league

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Do these giants ever have a chance at the league

Okay I'm pretty sure everyone knows these players but just in case I'll summarize

sun Ming Ming: 7'9" center from china who is actually alot more coordinated and fluid after getting a tumor removed from his pituitary gland.

Paul Sturgess: 7'8" center from the UK who plays at a small school (idk if it's like NAIA or a CC or what). He is behind the best player of that league at his position. Next year he'll start though.

Do either of these guys play in the league at any
point. Wouldn't you think that with the superior coaching in the league, a coach could pick one of these guys and turn them into a weapon and work on their skills.

I'm sure that because of their heights they will get NBA workouts.

Here's the question:
Do either of these guys warrant a late 2nd round selection, since those picks are a crapshoot anyway.


Do these guys make NBA rosters at some point in their career.

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I doubt Paul Sturgess will (

I doubt Paul Sturgess will ( i'd say 1%), I've looked into him because of his size, he doesn't have the foot speed to play in the NBA, I don't think he could play in the D-league as a novelty shot blocker off the bench. You are right he is playing behind the best player in his league at center, but the guy he is playing behind is about 6'7'' or 6'8'' so to me, being 7'8'' and playing behind a guy a foot shorter to you on your NAIA school does not bode well for playing in the NBA.

I don't know much about Sun Ming, other than he was in Rush Hour 3, the devensive 3 seconds in the lane rule in the NBA kind of takes the giants out of the equation as compared to the 90's when giant shot blockers could clog the lane. Muressan actually had some game, but I doubt Sun Ming could play in the NBA.

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Sun Ming Ming is 26, he is

Sun Ming Ming is 26, he is not draft eligble though he did show great range in Rush Hour 3. Stugess is at an NAIA school after transferring out from DII Florida Tech.

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He isn't draft eligble

He isn't draft eligble because he is considered now as undrafted player and can sign as a FA
and no he won't make it to the NBA anyway

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