mark payne/ gordon hayward?

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mark payne/ gordon hayward?

yes i realize theres a 2 inch difference between the two but I do see similaritys between there games
payne being two inches shorter and a point guard is the better passer hayward is a better rebounder both shoot the three well and both can pass and both can steal

if hayward goes 15th and payne goes late 2nd does anyone else think payne can be the steal of this draft?
I was unaware payne had entered the draft.

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I really like mark payne.

I really like mark payne. That being said you're overratimg his shooting ability

paynes weakness is actually his stroke from range. Yeah he shot 44% this year but only on 48 shots. Most were probably open shots (ps gordon haywards 3 point shot is overrated too)

I agree with you, payne will be a steal. He's a 6'8" point guard but I doubt that will be his natural position in the league. I think he'll be more of a 2 who can bring the ball up. It would be really cool to see him at the point too.

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