Top 5 draft picks projected stats for 2010-2011 season

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Top 5 draft picks projected stats for 2010-2011 season

1. John Wall. 17 points, 6 assists 3 rebounds
2. Evan Turner. 19 points 4 assists 5 rebounds
3. Demarcus Cousins 15 points 9 rebounds 1 block
4. Derek Favors 13 points 7 rebounds 1.5 blocks
5. Wesely Johnson 15 points 3 assists 4 rebounds

Thats what I think there stats will be around. It does depend on whate team your on but that is what I think. Tell me what you think or what the other picks will average.

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Favors & Johnson

I doubt Cousins will get 9 boards a game. Wall and Turner will probably do slightly worse then that. I think Johnson will be 11-13ppg 1-2ast 3-4rbd. Favors will be 10ppg 5reb 1-2blk.

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I hate predictions like this

I hate predictions like this for obvious reasons.

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Its impossible to predict

Its impossible to predict stats for players this early. Who would've though James Harden would only score about 9 ppg? and Steph Curry 17?

With that said I think ur going way to high on the ppg for all those guys. I do think Cousins could score close to his projection and Wall could be within a point of that maybe. It all depends on where they get drafted.

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1. John Wall. 12.7ppg 3.9rpg

1. John Wall. 12.7ppg 3.9rpg 8.1apg 1.5spg 0.4bpg
2. Evan Turner. 15.2ppg 5.5rpg 3.3apg 1.0spg 0.6bpg
3. DeMarcus Cousins 8.9ppg 8.9rpg 2.1apg 1.0spg 1.2bpg
4. Derek Favors 11.1ppg 7.4rpg 1.4apg 0.6spg 1.6bpg
5. Wesley Johnson 7.6ppg 2.1rpg 1.3apg 0.7spg 0.7bpg

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1. John Wall: 11.5ppg,

1. John Wall: 11.5ppg, 2.3rpg, 5.6apg

2. Evan Turner: 15.0ppg, 4.4rpg, 3.5apg

3. Derrick Favors: 9.9ppg, 6.1rpg, 0.9bpg

4. DeMarcus Cousins: 9.0ppg, 6.4rpg, 1.1bpg

5. Wesley Johnson: 8.2ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.9apg

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Are we short on topics or

Are we short on topics or something?

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I think thos numbers are

I think thos numbers are good. i think Favors will be more like 10 7 hes too raw offensively.

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J.Wall 16ppg 4rpg 7apg

J.Wall 16ppg 4rpg 7apg 1.5spg
E.Turner 15ppg 6rpg 5apg
D.Cousins 14ppg 9rpg 1.5bpg
D.Favors 11ppg 7rpg 1.5bpg
W.Johnson 10ppg 5rpg 2apg

and the winner is....ha ha Blake Griffin 17ppg 10rpg 2apg nearly 1steal and 1block

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