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Miami Boston

Im kinda.... well, not so suprised that miami blew a 4 point 29-25 lead, and seemed to get control of the game, the momentum shifted to miami, and now are fighitng to get back into the back and the heat r now nearly down by 20. its either the celtics r playin great or the heat r playin like shi+, or both. the celtics w.o. garnett r not very good.
so all in all, the heat r just idk wat to say... pathetic. the celtics went on a 20-0 run. wow!

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Y'all understand that y'all

Y'all understand that y'all can put posts in the Playoff thread right? If not, just letting you know. It's easier to do it that way.

The Heat need to get Wade some help. They don't have the defenders to win with him the way that other 1-on-5 like the 2001 76ers did. They have too many guys that need the ball to be their best, which isn't gonna happen with Wade on the team.

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U dont have to like the celtics mwardia

But speak facts. The celtics took out the bulls and pushed the Magic 7 without KG. So guess what they are good without KG, except it. Not saying they winning the title, but speak facts. He did not play the whole second half of last season and the team far from crumbled.

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dont even get me started

Wade is the best slasher in basketball, period. The amount of space teams have to dedicate to stopping his drive is right there with Lebron. He needs a team of kickout shooters around him, which is part of what the Heat have been going for.

At the same time, people fail to Realize that he has literally nobody else on his team who has any business starting in the playoffs. Beasley is no joke the second best offensive option on the team, and he is a 21 year old somewhat dissapointing prospect. Quentin Richardson has spent the past few years bouncing around the Knicks, Clippers, Timberwolves, and Grizzlies, none of whom wanted him long term, and he is a STARTER. Jermaine O Neal is a shorter, Less timely Ilgauskus at this point in his career, but much more likely to do something stupid.

He has the worst point guards in the league on his team. Arroyo can't really shoot or guard anybody, his entire job consists of bring hte ball up, pass to Wade on wing, wait for kick that isn't going to come. he STARTS.

The Heat have the least collaborative talent of any team by far in the playoffs, and it isn't even close. And I say this because they are my team, but Riley needs to go get Amare, and 2 other starter quality players with the money we will have. We are a year or two away, and Wade is still young. We need Amare or Bosh.

I think we get one though

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Glen Davis looked awfully

Glen Davis looked awfully good replacing KG. I thought he would be a good replacement for him, and he proved me correct. I still see the Celtics loosing to the cavs in 5 though. Cavs are just too good. And with or without KG the Celtics are a little weak and a little old to handle Lebron and the Cavs.

But man, those Celtics are better then I expected. I had them loosing to the heat in 6 or 7 games. But after games 1 and 2, I don't know if the Heat can beat the Celtics even on their home court.

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I just dont think Miami is a very good team, when you have a player as good as Wade on your team, your more then likely going to make the playoffs in the East, and for the celtics, theyre just beating a team that they are better then, but I think Cavs beat them in 5 next round.

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