Top 100 with player comparisons

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Top 100 with player comparisons

Check out my list and let me know what you think:

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I like the John Wall

I like the John Wall comparison i see him as a (PG Version) of Dwayne Wade
I dont see the Al Farouq AMinu - Antawn Jamison Comparison
Or Greg monroe to David West
I see Devin Ebanks as Trevor Ariza
I like the Eric Bledsoe Comparison
I dont like the Sherron Collins to Jameer Nelson
I think overall its pretty good

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Demarcus cousins as Kenyon

Demarcus cousins as Kenyon martin haha, kenyon was a freak athlete when drafted with zero post moves, he still has zero post moves. Cousins is big and burly not even close to the athlete Kenyon was dont like the comparison at all

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I don't like the Serge Ibaka

I don't like the Serge Ibaka to Larry Sanders comparison really.

Stanley Robinson is nowhere near the pure offensive talent that Gerald Green is. And he's a MUCH better defender.

I actually like the Cole Aldrich-Emeka Okafor comparison. Even though Okafor isn't as tall

Ed Davis nowhere near the talent Zach Randolph is. He also has more of a motor on both ends and is a better shot-blocker than Randolph could ever hope to be.

Hassan Whiteside doesn't have the face-up ability of Andray Blatche. And he's a better shot-blocker than Blatche is.

Avery Bradley doesn't get to the rim like Eric Gordon. And he's not nearly as strong or as good a finisher around the rim.

Why is Devin Ebanks being compared to Rudy Gay. Gay is a top 10 or 15 pure scorer in the NBA from the wing. Ebanks has no true NBA skill offensively, other than finishing at the rim.

Dexter Pittman doesn't have the footwork of Glen Davis. Nor has he shown the potential to face the basket like Big Baby did at the same stage.

Chris Wright is nowhere near as skilled as Ryan Gomes. They actually could be opposites. One is athletic as hell, slim and not skilled, and the other is not very athletic, skilledm and built like a truck.

Luke Harangody is much more offensive minded than John Brockman.

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What he said.

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I don't know what is worse

I don't know what is worse Aminu [Antawn Jamison] or Davis [Zach Randolph]. What about either of those players resembles Jamison or Randolph?

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