NBA Draft 2010 Mock *NEW*

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NBA Draft 2010 Mock *NEW*

Let me know who you disagree with and why, or if I am missing anyone.

Also, you have to admit, my comments for the players are top notch, haha.

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As a Thunder fan I honestly

As a Thunder fan I honestly don't want us to pick another SF lol but it's really good!
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Good mock, I prefer

Good mock, I prefer Whiteside over Davis, more athletic taller. Udoh is a bit of a reach, had issues against top teams during the season and born in 1987. Orton overrated, look for French Seraphin who is much better and more prepared. Pondexter is not a first round pick, plays more like a combo forward than like a true outside player.

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Great Mock, but here is what I disagree with.

Why not UKWildcat_11? Who's gonna back up Durant? A SF looks like a good idea as well as a big, preferrably a Center, but I'd be willing to take a PF/C instead. The thunder are my second favorite team, and I like where they are headed right now.

Monty at 6. That might be a little too high for him. Ed Davis at 12, that might be a little too low for him. He is very highly thought of by all GMs. I know he had a disappointing season at UNC this year, but you have to realize that he got hurt and I don't he was the reason why UNC struggled this year. I believe that Johns Henson being played out of position at SF was the reason why. Once he got switched to PF, because Davis got hurt he started showing his potential, but by then it was all too late. So Davis still had solid stats his sophomore year at UNC. Solid, not great I know, but his stock could not have dropped that far since the beginning of 2010. He is still in my mind worthy of a top ten pick because GMs are still very high on him. So switch Davis and Monty around.

Henry to the Pacers, The Pacers usually go for tough nosed, hard, tough players, with a High Caliber. Henry does not seem to fit that description to me. Patterson does though, and I believe he fills a hole too. Murphy can be traded, he is not doing to well in Indy.

I still dont see Udoh going in the lottery, and why is Patterson out of the lottery? He looked very good this year. I know he won't be a star at the next level, but he is contributing player and all GMs are looking for one. Top ten should be future star players, while 10-14 should be contributing players. That's how I feel about it at least.

Orton at 21, I know he is good, unpolished, but has a high potential, and that the Thunder are very high on him. But I really don't think the Thunder will take him at the 21 pick. Seems a little to high for him. I'm seeing a SF to back up Durant at the 21, and Orton at 26.

Pondexter at 22. Pondexter is not worth a 1st round pick to me sorry. I know great performance in tourney but, there are already alot of SF who are locks for the first round already. Where does he fit with them. (Singler, George, Ebanks, Robinson, Hayward.) I don't see Pondexter being betting then any of those guys. I see him right after Hayward but before Darrington Hobson. Which to means early 2nd round.

I dont see Alabi or Warren making it in the first round. I think Alabi is more of an early second rounder. Same with Warren.

To me both Warren and Bradley are not worthy of the first round. Let me tell you why. I know both were highly recruited out of HS, but both disappointing seasons at Oklahoma and Texas respectively. Both cannot pass the ball to save their lives, yet are undersized SG to me. Only 6'4 and 6'2 respectively. They also are not that athletic to me either, Bradley a little more then Warren but not much and not enough to go in the first round. To me those stats tell me that belong in the second round and are not worthy of 1st round picks.

I know Bradley will return if he ends up not being in the first round, so I'm fine with him being in the first round, but not Warren for those reasons that are already listed. Warren has not signed with an agent yet, but intends to do so soon, so Warren is a lock for the draft no matter where he ends up going.

This is only the first round. The rest looks very good though. Hayward to the Thunder looks pretty good. Deep range, excellent rebounder would be a very good backup to Durant. This mock is a lot better then all of your other mocks I have seen. Great job.

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Looks decent

I was surprised to see Landesburg picked over Vasquez in round 2. I though Greivis showed his superiority over the past season, but I guess you believe Landesburg has a higher ceiling on defense due to higher athleticism. If the two draft picks were switched, Greivis would be perfect for the running Suns, while Landesburg is more suited for the slow-em-down Celtics.

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