Updated Mock

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Updated Mock

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Have a hard time seeing Davis at 16. That is way too low. Ebanks is too high IMO.

Pretty solid!

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Why would MIN take sanders

Why would MIN take sanders when they have hollins who is pretty much his clone

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Repeat from previous

Repeat from previous posts:
Jazz will not select Henry. Does not fit at all. What about Matthews and Miles and Korver? Way too loaded at SG if you ask me. And why do you think we traded Brewer? Was not just for pure cap space. The jazz would select Aldrich with that situation.

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Stop hating on the Wizards!

im sooo sick of everyone dissing on the wizards so much! ya they were bad this year. when you have that much contreversy along with multiple trades of key players and terible injuries your gonna have a bad year. But the future looks very bright for the wiz. next year were gonna have a star player back in gilbert, a new emerging star in andray blatche, great talent in al thorton, a 7+ foot lanky freak who is just a beast around the basket and is improving in every game with javale mcgee. we have the 3rd most cap room for the stacked free agents class. AND most importantly we will have most likely a top 5 pick( knowing the wizards luck tho we will probaly get the 8th) and to go along with 2 other picks in the top 35. so before you say more crap about the wiz just think what they could do.
p.s: we also have one of the best coaches in the league in flip saunders.

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