NBa 2k is better than live

NBA2k is better than live because it's just plainly better. 2k has more better game play. The players do what they would actually do in a real game. It also has blacktop. live is just simply boring with game play that is bad and no good features

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2K's College Hoops series

2K's College Hoops series needs to make a comeback. Now. No way I would drop my hard-earned cash on EA's "NCAA Basketball." You couldn't pay me to test that game before you release it. EA has the college basketball license until 2012, so we won't see another college basketball game from 2K Sports until then.

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Do you have a link that says EA has rights to the NCAAB franchise? because I heard 2k just stopped making the game cuz it wasnt making enough money for them, and now that EA is not going to make a college game either, I hope 2k can make one right away, because i miss playing a GOOD college bball game because the EA ones arent even playable.

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EA won the lisence so 2K had

EA won the lisence so 2K had to stop. Shame, 2K college basketball games were decent

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Yea I really like the AAU

Yea I really like the AAU games on College Hoops 2K8 that was a great game

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Man imagine if 2k made the

Man imagine if 2k made the college basketball games again..
With the way 2k games are looking, College hoops would've sold more nowa'days.

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Do you have a link that says

Do you have a link that says EA has rights to the NCAAB franchise?

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2k is definity better than

2k is definity better than Live. I was so disappointed with NBA Live 10 on 360. I too would like to see 2K have another college game. I always implentmented the players to NBA 2K. I could put myself in college and then send it to NBA 2K. With some of todays players that would be sweet. I would love to be a SG and land on the Bulls. Backcourt with me and D-Rose would be sick. Live just doesn't have the features and no where close to that 2K has. I love the Myplayer mode and I currently am GM the Sacramento Kings building around Tyreke Evans who has been balling for me. Last year he was tops for defensive of the year. I feel i have my Kobe or Jordan and now am looking for a Pippen and Rodman or Gasol and Bynum to complete my team. If Live wants to be as good as 2K it needs to really step up its game and offers some of these features

1) Multiplayer Dynasty

2) My Player Mode ( I'd like to see this be a 1 or 2 player) I'd like to see a My Player 2 players mode where me and my friends both try to get ourselves in the nba.

3) 10 Day Contracts

4) Season Mode- I hate that Live doesn't have this which leads me and my friends to play 2K

5) Saving during the offseason

6) Saving and coming back to a game later

7) Headline mode- would like to see this in NBA Live now Elite just like 2K has

8) Hiring and firing coaches

9) More real stats. If Kevin Love averaging 14 RPG I want to see his stats be close to that in the game.

Anything else I may have missed I can't think of as far as 2K i would like to see one thing and that is the slam dunk competition.

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I agree

I agree

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The Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers improved more than any other team in the league this offseason, or so we thought. After an active summer in which they added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash most notably along with some upgrades to their bench like Jodie Meeks and Antawn Jamison, many labeled the Lakers the favorites not just in the West but overall.

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