My first mock

I haven't added comments yet, but wanted to get some early feedback.

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No way Minnesota picks

No way Minnesota picks Demarcus Cousins ahead of Evan Turner at #2 overall. Minnesota already has two really good PF in Jefferson and Love and they don't need another one, especially one that has an attitude. They probably could play him at C but Minnesota needs a SG more than they need a Center and Evan Turner can be there SG of the future.

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Minneosota has two former first round picks currently invested in the SG position, I don't see a huge need there, especially with the way brewer showed he can be more that just an athlete this year. I see the bigger needs at sf and c personally, spots that turner and cousins could possibly fit into respectively, but Turner could not thrive at sf like he could at sg. I think there is a very good chance that they trade out of the 2nd pick before they pick up turner.

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The #2 spot is a no brainer

The #2 spot is a no brainer that's Turner's all day

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Not bad for your first mock.

Not bad for your first mock. I only see one glaring mistake.
Minnesota will not pick Cousins ahead of Turner. There most glaring need is SG and someone who can create for himself. I have heard that their fans hate Flynn, because of his inability to create for himself. The wolves want someone that someone that can create for himself. Turner is perfect for that. The wolves ought to be praying that Turner falls to them, cause he is perfect for that. Switch Turner and Cousins around and you should be good.

I am very happy that you didn't put Henry or Anderson as Utah's pick. Aminu is just who they need to replace AK when he goes down with injury. So many people have chosen Henry, because they think Matthews and Miles need to be replaced and they are weak at the 2, but the Jazz love Matthews and they are actually loaded at the 2. Thank you for not selecting Henry or Anderson for the Jazz in your very first mock. Aminu belongs there, but the Jazz could also go for a shot blocker. Their only Shot Blocker right now is AK but he is always out with injury they need another one if they want to compete for a championship.

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Minnesota fans don't like

Minnesota fans don't like Flynn because he doesn't create for others or just doesn't have the vision to see where to put the ball, he creates for himself very well. I've heard their GM recently saying he'll do anything to get a #1 guy like Roy or Durant, obviously extremely difficult, but they feel Turner is that guy. I've had the chance to speak to somebody that works in the Front Office and he's mentioned they''ll only keep maybe four or five players from this season to next, Jefferson will be kept, guaranteed, unless they can get Granger for him. So will Flynn, same circumstances for him, they would have to get an All Star for him, obviously unlikely there. The rest, who knows? They like Brewer, but his value is pretty high after this season. Ellington I think stays too, he just doesn't have any real trade value at this point. I've heard Love will be traded, most likely with Sessions to get back into the Top 10, this is all hypothetical to the fact that they are able to get the #1 or #2 pick and select Turner, they will take Wall and trade him for Turner if they're able to get the #1 pick. If that happens they'll be targeting players in this order, Favors, Johnson, Davis, Aminu, unless somebody like Amare Stoudemire, Josh Smith, Al Horford or Anthony Randolph can be had for Love, Sessions, and the Charlotte pick, probably unlikely there. They won't be keeping their later picks either, they'll all be used in trades. As for Darko, he's staying, they know he works well with Jefferson, and would work possibly even better with an athletic 4 like Favors or Davis. In regards to Davis, this site is sleeping on him, my guy said every scout he talks to has Davis going no later than 8 or 9 at the lowest. I don't even want to mention Hollins, they'd love to release him, he doesn't fit into any of their future plans. Gomes is gone too, he makes almost $5M next year, if all goes to plan and they can get Turner and Favors or Davis or possibly even Whiteside out of the draft, extremely unlikely getting Favors though, they'll be targeting Gay, all hypothetical on taking Turner, but here's what that lineup would look like:

PG: Flynn
SG: Turner/Ellington
SF: Gay/Brewer
PF: Jefferson/(Favors, Davis, Whiteside)
C: Milicic

With possibly another $5-7M to spend and Rubio coming over the next season.

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Wow Blanco Diablo with the

Wow Blanco Diablo with the inside scoop...I love it. I agree on your take of Flynn. He's really not a good pure PG...which is weird cuz all they talked about before he came was how good he was in pick and roll...In the small amount that he's been able ot run pick and roll, he doesnt do it well. he dribbles for about 3 seconds, and either shoots a fade away or keeps dribbling...PASS THE BALL!!!

Anyways...I hope they can get a solid wing for Love. I'm not sure what it would take to get a guy like Granger, but I'd be willing to go Love, Flynn or Rubio, Gomes, and a throw in for cap. If the Pacers would do that I'd fire in an instant.

Theres just no way they dont take Turner or Wall if they have the chance.

Where did al Horford, Randolph Josh Smith and Stoudemire come from? I had no idea they were on the trade block? I knew Randolph was and to an extent stoudemire, but the Atlanta guys?

I personally dont like Millicic all that much, he's been ok, but I'd much rather get a guy who costs less. I think a guy like Udoh would be perfect with Jefferson...and we could get him at 16 probably.

If they can somehow swing a deal for Granger or sign Gay, draft Turner and keep Jefferson, that would be a decent core to build a team around. Plus I heard Al is gonna be workin with the dream this offseason, that cant hurt can it :)

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Problem for Udoh is that

Problem for Udoh is that he's not a seven footer, that's what the Wolves want, but yes he is a player Rambis would look hard at, especially because of his BBIQ and defensive ability. Horford and Smith aren't necessariliy on the block, but they're the type of players Kahn and Rambis would like to pair with Jefferson and a Seven Footer like Milicic, very athletic 4s. I just don't think they have the ammo to swing a trade like that, I do believe though that they can get back into the Top 10 and get a player like Derrick Favors, Ed Davis, Al-Farouq Aminu, or even Hassan Whiteside for Love, Sessions, and for Favors most likely the Charlotte pick too. I'm sure they'd be absolutely ecstatic to see Whiteside fall to the Charlotte pick and be able to trade Love and Sessions to get back in the Top 10 and get Wes Johnson, who I believe needs a top notch playmaking guard like Evan Turner to acheive his potential. I've heard they also like JaVale McGee and RFA'er Tyrus Thomas to be that 3rd guy in their frontcourt rotation, but they said that would be their worst case scenario.

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could see NOH picking Whiteside and letting him develop for 2 or 3 years while they wait for Okafors contract to end

love ORL pick and could see that happen as well

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