UNC vs UK next year

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UNC vs UK next year

Who will be better next year, UNC or Kentucky?


pg: drew, marshall, strickland
sg: bullock, mcdonald, watts
sf: barnes, graves
pf: henson, d wear
c: zeller, t wear


pg: knight, liggins
sg: dodson, lamb
sf: hood, poole
pf: leslie, miller
c: kanter, harrelson

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no way that hood starts over

no way that hood starts over miller at the 3

they're both pretty evenly matched next season....but i'll give the edge to carolina

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waaay too early

its way too early to say who is better because calipari could still sign two or even three more top 25 recruits to make kentucky much stronger than they are now. but no matter who they sign, nex year will be a down year for kentucky. no way the strik e gold twice and have all their recruits over perform so much as they did this year
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Calipari will probably get

Calipari will probably get late recruits and who knows if Orton will not return and play aside Kanter. Kentucky may bit a bit more talented with Kanter, Knight and probably Leslie but UNC is deeper. Kentucky may also lack the kind of scoring wing Barnes and Bullock are. It would be a great confrontation to watch.

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Dodson is not going to be at

Dodson is not going to be at Kentucky next year so Lamb should be starting, Miller will start in-front of Hood and Leslie hasn't committed to Kentucky yet.

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