Another Mock, Lemme know what you think.

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Another Mock, Lemme know what you think.

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sorry my man, im all mocked

sorry my man, im all mocked out.

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I like your mock a lot.

I like your mock a lot. There are a few international players that I do not know about, so I am not quite sure if they will be drafted.
Hayward is a little to high I think. I see him as more of a late first round pick. Same with Pondexter. Had a great tourney performance but is more suited for the second round. To me at least. Pondexter would be a great backup, you are right, but the Celtics have a bunch of old players. (Pierce, Allen, Garnett) Isn't it time they get replaced not just backed up. I'm not quite sure Pondexter is ready to start in the NBA yet.

Still think Butler will go first round, maybe to a team like the Magic who can also wait a couple of months for that injury of his to heal. (Just like the Lakers) Ogilvy, Landesberg, and Harris will not get drafted I don't think. Just aren't very big names, and I never heard about them until they declared, so I don't think too highly about them. But I like where you have placed everyone. Very good mock, just fix a few of things that I have mentioned.

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few things

Your mock has been screwed by this new order, but from what I can follow it's not bad. But a few things:
1. I think Detroit needs someone solid who's a centre, not just can play centre. As skilled as Monroe is he's not a centre. I think they'd be a team willing to reach a little for a blue collar guy like Aldrich.
2. Indiana needs another power forward or point guard before they need another wing. Someone athletic down low, like Davis or Vesely, would be too good to pass up.
3. Hayward is too high and there's no chance he goes 16. Minnesota needs athleticism more then anything. BUT if he falls to 23, I could see them maybe taking him.
4. I know it's the 2nd round, but New York drafting both Stephenson and White doesn't make sense just because they have basically the same talents. Maybe Paratkouskhi instead (I know you have him lower) and then maybe keep Stephenson, because of the obvious connection with New York.

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Philadephia has better player in Speights and you think they take Donatas?
Dominique Jones is too low!

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ya sixers will not draft

ya sixers will not draft Donatas they will most likely if they get the 6th pick Greg Monroe.

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