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what do you think? And I know I have some picks people may question, but its all a guess right now.

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You're right it is all a

You're right it is all a guess, but I'm guessing that Henry will not work for the Jazz, because they are already loaded at SG. Why did they trade Brewer? To give more minutes to Matthews and Miles. They also have Korver, now way Henry fits with the Jazz. Too much of a chucker which is exactly what Sloan hates. (notice how the jazz dont have Morris Almond anymore, Almond was another chucker) Change it too a small forward and you should be fine. (johnson, Aminu, Turner, Vesely, Patterson, maybe Aldrich because of his shot blocking presence.) I am not trying trash your pick, I have just been seeing alot of people put Henry for the Jazz pick lately and I am getting tired of it, because I know it won't work.

Also the Wizards like Mcgee at C. So if Cousins goes to the Wiz he will just sit on the bench. And that is not what Cousins wants. He wants to play, and if he does not start he will throw a fit. His attitude is too much of a problem for the Wizards to have. (need I remind you of Gilbert Arenas, and Javaris Crittenton and then how reloaded their entire roster, all because of Arenas.) They are trying to change the face of their team. Cousins would never work with them. Right now I have Cousins going third to the Kings, because Thompson is more of PF, but their C right now is Hawes and he is just not cutting it. The Wizards are also hard to pick because of their front is already set, but their backups are a mystery. So pick potential backups for them, someone who has potential but needs to develop it more but does not mind sitting on the bench.

I did not look at the rest, but just remember that I am not trying to trash your picks, I am just trying to explain why this team will not pick this guy, and this is the only way I know how. Good Mock

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It's all good D Will, I know

It's all good D Will, I know you're not trashing the picks. I also think you know the Jaz better than me, lol. My thinking with the Wizards is Cousins is a scorer on the block. Blatche likes to go to the perimeter and McGee isn't an offensive threat. Plus I'm not a big Blatche fan, I think if Cousins played the PF with Mcgee at the 5 and Blatche off the bench would help this team more than a Derrick Favors who right now isn't an offensive threat either. And with the Jazz I had Johnson, Aminu, George off the board and I don't think Ebanks goes that high, and even though they have no shot blockers, they have alot of bigs which is why I didnt go with Aldrich. And I think Henry can be a better version of Wesley Matthews. Jerry Sloan has been coaching that team since I was like 1 and X Henry wasn't born yet, I think coach Sloan can make Henry not a chucker and a good hard working defender. That's my opinion.

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