Brandon Knight Interview

Thu, 04/15/2010 - 10:39am

This interview took place on April 8th in Portland, Oregon. Brandon Knight has since committed to University of Kentucky.

Brandon KnightBrandon Talk a little bit about the Hoop Summit. How has the experience been?

Brandon Knight:
It’s been pretty cool. It’s been a lot of basketball. Which is good. I enjoy it. And just competing and getting after it and trying to get better as a unit. Compared to the other events, McDonald’s, Jordan, how does this compare to those?

Brandon Knight: It’s more team oriented. I feel like we all get together and have fun with McDonald’s and you don’t really care about the outcome as much. This event matters more as far as who wins and who loses. What’s the most important factor for you when looking into a college?

Brandon Knight: I think being at a place you feel comfortable. Being in a situation where you feel comfortable allows you to succeed.

Brandon KnightBrandon You have been ranked #1 on certain recruiting sites. Is that something that’s important to you?

Brandon Knight: Oh, not really. I don’t think when you go into the draft that anyone really looks back at who was #1 in high school. So it’s really just about getting better. And trying to win and be successful. Talk a little bit about off court, stuff you enjoy doing?

Brandon Knight:
Well really just hanging out with my friends and trying to have a social life. I work a lot so just try to set some time apart for family, watching TV and be a regular person.
Any books or music your into?

Brandon Knight: Yeah I recently read this book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s about how people put themselves in certain situations to be successful. In one part it shows how Bill Gates is able to take 10 thousand dollars and build it. And how certain individuals are put in opportunities that others didn’t have and what they do with it. What part of your game needs the most work?

Brandon Knight: Just being an overall point guard. Trying to make the right decision every time down the court. And just having control of the game. You look like you’ve put on some muscle and weight. Have you been working really hard in the gym?

Brandon Knight: Well I’ve been going to the gym quite a bit. Mostly it’s about maintaining. I may not have added a whole lot, but just getting stronger.

Brandon KnightBrandon Do you ever watch certain NBA guys and try to take parts of their games?

Brandon Knight: Yeah. D-Wade. I like him a lot just because he’s a local guy and the way he gets to the rim. Chris Paul with the way he handles the pick and roll. And Steve Nash the way he can do it with both hands passing and handling. At times it appears you have ice running through your veins, do you ever get nervous before games?

Brandon Knight: Um, not really nervous. I think I get more jittery. I mean I guess you can count it as nervousness, but as soon as you get in there and get your first basket, that goes away. The idea of practicing tomorrow in front of NBA scouts, does that give you jitters at all?

Brandon Knight:
No, not really. I try to take the same mindset no matter whether it’s in the gym working out or in a game. No matter what, it’s just working hard and having the right mindset. Do you guys feel like you’re (USA Select Team) almost like a mini-redeem team after the Select team lost last year’s game?

Brandon Knight: Yeah a little bit. A lot of people are counting on us to win this game. One last question. Do you feel like you can be the one to step up and take over in the game if need be.

Brandon Knight: Oh yeah I definitely feel like I can be that guy. We’ve got a number of talented guys on this team. Whatever it takes for us to win. It’s not really about being selfish, just doing whatever I can to win. That’s all that matters.

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