Hayward just declared for the draft w/out agent

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Hayward just declared for the draft w/out agent


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So much for you not posting a link. At first I thought u were joking but I found a link.

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I think he needs to work on

I think he needs to work on his outside shot to reach his potential as a player. He really doesn't have a good 3 point shot for a small forward and although he is stronger than I thought he was going into the season he could add some more strength. He has very good handles and impressed me with his athleticism in the tournament. I think he'll go 15-25 this year, but I think if he came back and improved his shot he could be a late lottery pick in 2011.

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i don't think his jump shot

i don't think his jump shot is that bad. dude shot 45% from 3's his freshman year. i think he took a lot of bad shots this year, but from watching the tournament, he knocked down wide open 3's and clutch 3's. i think at 6'-8" he has good versatility to be succesful. i'm not sure if he's quick enough to hang with nba sf's since it seemed like he spent a lot of time guarding 4's in the tourney, but it seemed like he was able to hang with guard whenever they switched on screens. i also think there are a number of teams looking for a small forward in this draft. i don't think he'll fall past the bulls.

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Just needs to put on some

Just needs to put on some strength so he's not bullied against those guys in the league. People always talk about that P word, well he has as much of it as any prospect in this draft. I think his ceiling is higher than a Ebanks.

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"i don't think he'll fall

"i don't think he'll fall past the bulls."

You are aware that they will still be on the hook for $50 million to Luol Deng and spent a first rounder on a bigger, more athletic 3 in James Johnson last summer.

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I think he goes to the Spurs

I think he goes to the Spurs at 20 or 21. Whichever one they are.

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I've been saying that

I've been saying that Hayward would be a first round pick all season, despite many doubters on here.

Most people in Indianapolis thought he'd return to school, but you really can't knock his decision. He'll probably go somewhere in between 15-25.

This year's draft has an interesting crop of small forwards. It'll be interesting to see what Hayward does in workouts when he's stacked up against guys like Jan Vesely, Devin Ebanks, Paul George, Stanley Robinson and Damion James. Throw Quincy Pondexter, Kyle Singler, Luke Babbit in that group too.

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