Rookie Leaders 09-10

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Rookie Leaders 09-10

As the 2009-2010 season comes to a close I thought I'd post the top 10 rookie points, rebounds and assist leaders and the top 3 in blocks and steals. The guys at the top of the list include 2nd rounders and undrafted players. Who were you impressed by and who were you disappointed by in this seasons' rookie class? Who do you think will be named to the All-Rookie teams?

1. Tyreke Evans 20.1 ppg
2. Stephen Curry 17.2 ppg
3. Brandon Jennings 15.5 ppg
4. Reggie Williams 15.4 ppg
5. Marcus Thornton 14.4 ppg
6. Jonny Flynn 13.6 ppg
7. Darren Collison 12.3 ppg
8. Omri Casspi 10.3 ppg
9. James Harden 9.9 ppg
10. Wes Matthews 9.4 ppg

1. Taj Gibson 7.4 rpg
2. DeJuan Blair 6.2 rpg
3. Jonas Jerebko 5.9 rpg
4. Serge Ibaka 5.4 rpg
5. Tyreke Evans 5.3 rpg
6. Tyler Hansbrough 4.8 rpg
7. Reggie Williams 4.6 rpg
8. Omri Casspi 4.5 rpg
9. Stephen Curry 4.4 rpg
10. Terrance Williams 4.3 rpg

1. Stephen Curry 5.9 apg
2. Brandon Jennings 5.8 apg
3. Tyreke Evans 5.8 apg
4. Darren Collison 5.6 apg
5. Jonny Flynn 4.4 apg
6. Jrue Holiday 3.7 apg
7. Eric Maynor 3.2 apg
8. Ty Lawson 3.1 apg
9. Terrance Williams 2.8 apg
10. Reggie Williams 2.7 apg

1. Serge Ibaka 1.28
2. Taj Gibson 1.27
3. Hasheem Thabeet 1.26

1.Stephen Curry 1.9
2. Tyreke Evans 1.51
3. Brandon Jennings 1.29

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Im very impressed by Tyreke,

Im very impressed by Tyreke, he is top 5 in pt/reb/assists, he gets my vote for ROY.
Im also impressed by several other rookies, Jenning, curry, williams, etc. this has turn out to be a very solid rookie class.
For disappointments, I guess I could say Harden, because I expected him to be a top 3 rookie at the beginning of the season, but he has Durant and Westbrook on his team, and I do still feel he will turn out to be a top 5 player that comes out of this draft.
I thought about putting Thabeet in my disappointment category as well, but I do not think anyone really expected him to be any good, I think he has done decent.

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my picks

Evans definitely stands out. You can tell that by simply simply looking at his stats.
But I expected a big season from Evans, anyway.
I've got to admit that Steph Curry really impressed me with his amazing all-around game.
My first thought was that he could be some kind of one-dimensional shooter, but he proved me wrong and of course there are some other bright spots like:
Darren Collison, Marcus Thornton, Taj Gibson, Wes Matthews and Omri Caspi, for exampel.
On the other side I was pretty disappointed by Thabeet and Blake's injurie.

My All-Rookie Team would probably look like this:

G: Steph Curry
G: Tyreke Evans
G: Brandon Jennings
G: Marcus Thornton
F: Taj Gibson

honorable mentions:

Darren Collison, Wes Matthews, Omri Caspi

Maybe not stellar, but solid.

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Two guys who really

Two guys who really impressed me were Wes Matthews and Taj Gibson. Both played their way into the starting rotations by playing defense and smart basketball.

Matthews made Brewer expendable and Taj made Tyrus expendable, although Tyrus was as good as gone anyway.

Wes will be playing in the playoffs and hopefully Taj will as well.

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Marcus Thornton is big-time.

Marcus Thornton is big-time. I thought he was a good offensive player, but I didn't expect 14 ppg this soon. I had questions about his athleticism and quickness (he mostly scored off of contested/ill-advised shots in college) coming out, but I slighted him this summer when I compared him to Willie Green. He's better than that offensively

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