Last game for the Knicks

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Last game for the Knicks

All the suffering they have endure for nearly a decade will end tonight, at least they hope so. btw I found an article about them getting new jerseys next season which I find hilarious.

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im rooting against the

im rooting against the knicks big time. I mean even if they get a superstar, is that gonna be worth giving up all those draft picks and not locking up lee when he was cheaper and basically sabotaging 3 straight years? Is Bosh or Amare worth all that?

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Hopefully it was worth the wait.

It could get very ugly in New York, if they can't get a big fish this summer.
All the salary-cutting would be worth nothing and that would be just not fair to the New York fanbase.

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hold your breath and pray

hold your breath and pray for lebron...

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After all those years of

After all those years of trading away picks that turned out to be good players, I was just amazed that Walsh threw away 3 picks (essentially) to Houston. If I was a free agent this summer, I wouldn't want a guy like that running my team

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im a knick fan

im a knick fan have always been one, but i hate the knicks for always trade there picks. and trading picks is one thing if you get players back for them. but they always trade the picks away when there not even good players(eddy curry for exapmple) and now this stupid rockets trade..i kills me to see how fast the thunder(my new team to root for bc the knicks are a joke) build that team thru the draft and justs makes me constantly shake my head bc im a knick fan and we built our team by gettin eddy curry, jared jefferies and a bunch of other scrubs to be the core of lol

and i know deep down like all knick fans should..this off season isnt even going to turn out like we all think it is

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I am rooting for the Knicks

I am rooting for the Knicks tonight. They win, Bulls are in.

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As a Knick fan, i want the

As a Knick fan, i want the best....

But Lebrons not coming, Wades not coming, so were do we go from there? After sacrificing alot to clear all that capspace, I hope it pays off, because the franchise has spent the last 10 years losing, and unless we manage to get some free agents that can turn this sinking ship around, then were gonna gonna spent the next couple of years losing also...

Tigers04 said it perfectly.

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