Coach of the Year?

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Coach of the Year?

There are a ton of candidates this season. There isn't a clear cut favorite. Here are the candidates in my opinion.

Jerry Sloan - Utah was the 8th seed last season. This season, they're competing for the 2nd seed and playing just as well as anybody in the league.

Alvin Gentry - Not only are the Suns playing great offense, they're actually defending... Which is something they never did under D'Antoni.

Nate McMillian - Even with over 300 games lost due to injury, the Blazers have still won 50 games. Everybody own their roster has missed games, even him.

Scott Skiles - The Bucks have 45 wins and are in the playoffs. I don't think anybody on the planet predicted this.

Scott Brooks - They ended up with the 8th seed after a late season slump, but they're one win away from 50 on the season. Not too many people had them making the playoffs at the beginning of the season. He's got these young guys playing defense.

Mike Woodson - The Hawks have improved each season. They went from being a young team, to a young playoff team... To an elite team. They've jumped the Celtics as the third best team in the East.

Larry Brown - The addittion of Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas was major, but you have to give him credit for the Bobcats achieving their first playoff birth.

Rick Adelman - They're going to fall 7-8 games short of the playoffs, but nobody expected them to be this competitive without Yao and T-Mac.

Who should be the COY?

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every single one of those

every single one of those guys are solid candidates. You could probably add eric spoelstra as well. But i think Skiles gets my nod. Even though the east was weak, i love how he got that group of guys to play together. He rewards guys for tough play and if you dont work on defense you will sit,

But Sloan should have one by now, so i would like to see him get votes.

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I think Sloan and Skiles are

I think Sloan and Skiles are most deserving. Sloans been one of the top coaches year in and year out but never gets COY, so he should get a lot of consideration given what a run he got the Jazz on and getting them the #2 seed. Then Skiles did an excellent job. I would have never guessed that that team would end up playing as well as they did this year. His coaching has clearly had an impact on their team (one that lacks a legit superstar but still won damn near 50 games) and helped develop guys like Bogut and Jennings but also got them into the playoffs in the increasingly difficult East. They play very solid D and his schemes help them score enough to come out on top consistently.

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My vote in order. Jerry

My vote in order. Jerry Sloan, Scott Brooks, Scott Skiles, Nate Mcmillan, Larry Brown, Rick Adelman, and Mike Woodson.

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My pick would be Jerry Sloan because he's having an impressive coaching career and leads Utah to regular-season results nobody expected from them.
Second, to me, would be Scott Brooks because he took such a young team and focused them on defense and teamplay and by doing that he probably skipped a year of forming and learning.

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