Bill Walker

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Bill Walker

He's finally getting playing time with the Knicks and he's showing that he belongs in the league.

He's averaging 27mpg, 11ppg, while shooting 52% from the field and 41% from the 3pt line while shooting 4 three pointers per game.

Does he have what it takes to EVENTUALLY be a starter on a playoff team? What about a championship team?

I mean the kid is only 22 years old!

Could he eventually be a 15ppg 4rpg kind of guy?

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yes to all of ur questions.

yes to all of ur questions. I've been high on Walker ever since his sophmore year in hs. The kid can really play and as long as he stays injury free, then he can most certainly be a 16-18ppg as well as 5-6rbg. I thought he was completely undervalued at Kansas State as well as In Boston. The Knicks are finally giving him a SHOT AND HE'S SHOWING HE CAN PRODUCE ON THE NBA LEVEL. HE ALSO STILL HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL.

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He probably won't be a starter somewhere soon, I guess.
He has the luck to be in the perfect situation for him, because now he can utilize all of his strengths without focusing much on his weaknesses, since he's told to score.
But I don't know what he can eventually become in a couple of years, if he's given the right amount of minutes to develop properly.

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I was excited about Walker

I was excited about Walker when he got to Kansas State. He got hurt, but when he came back overweight, I was worried. But he redshirted and even though they said he lost some athleticism (which I found shocking because he was a CRAZY athlete for us) he still would throw you in the rim with the ball if you tried to block it. I thought he left too early, and I still do. He would've been a 1st rounder if he would've stayed, and Kansas State would've defintiely been a tourny team. But now he's getting time and I'm glad he's becoming a mainstay in the NBA for at least 5 more seasons barring a severe injury.

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this guy was considered a

this guy was considered a top 5 pick before he hurt himself against tamu ... so he obviously has the talent and his atleticisim is finally coming back .. so yeah he can be a starter on a non playoff team right now ... but for a playoff team i feel he could be 6th man and make an impact coming off the bench

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He was playing on a playoff

He was playing on a playoff team before the trade to New York... And he wasn't getting any minutes. And it's not like Boston didn't need a consistent backup to Paul Pierce, especially when Daniels went down to injury.

He's been good in D'Antoni's run and gun/no defense system... But I'm not sure if he can be a consistent role player on a playoff team yet.

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Sometimes in the NBA players

Sometimes in the NBA players need minutes to get their confidence up and just figure out what they can bring to the table. Whatever reasons they had Boston did not fill like playing Giddens or Walker, they did say they wanted to play Walker more but i think they also tried to showcase Tony Allen and that took Walker's minutes. I am sure Boston would have rethought that trade if they knew Walker would ball like he is doing

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I think he has a ton of

I think he has a ton of upside, but he is a guy who could be taken down with any further injuries due to the sevarity of his knee injury. It'd take the right playoff team for him to fit in though right now. Judging by his experience thus far a half court team would not be a good fit for him.

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Walker is a good player with very good athleticism and talent

But starter for a playoff team is something that is at least a few years in the distance, so who knows really? I think it is definitely possible, but at the same time, I think it's definitely possible it won't happen. We will all see how he continues to develop over the next couple of seasons, and then we can make a correct decision on his true potential. Playing in New York with their system and bad team is something that you have to take with a grain of salt when it comes to a players' ability to translate their production to playoff-caliber teams also.

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