Elliot Williams

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Elliot Williams

i think he will a steal in the draft if he will go late in the first ,i see him as a Courtney Lee tipe player.
btw why he didn't need to sit one year after he transfer from Duke to Mem?
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He didn't need to transfer

He didn't need to transfer because he went to Memphis to be near his ill mum, so it has to be a special case of transfer. Williams is very good but does he deserve to be picked before Jordan Crawford or Dominique Jones based on how they make their teams better. Moreover, he must gain some weight because he may not endure 82 games with all the physical toughness he will face if he 's drafted.

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he's an outstanding defender....his offensive game isn't up to par with Crawford or Jones but he is far superior defensively....

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Elliott Williams is a great

Elliott Williams is a great person..You have to give him his props from averaging only 5 points at Duke to becoming an All league player for Memphis averaging 17 points a game...He had a good year..But he disappeared during the big games..His Coach got so irate with his inconsistent play that he was benched in a few games toward season end..You have to question the fact that if he failed to show up in Conference-USA Tournament games..How successful will he be playing against the best players in the world? He might be 1 of the sleepers in this year's draft..Great defender & he have a nice mid-range game...

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He's Dahntay Jones 2.0 IMO.

He's Dahntay Jones 2.0 IMO. A tough defender who can score in transition and off mid-range spot-ups.

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Yea I really see him as a

Yea I really see him as a gerald henderson type player, dhantay jones like. He has a lot to work on to be able to contribute offensively in any capacity at the next level. He has no right hand what so ever, and his jump shot is still a work in progress. His calling card initially should be defense, since he seems like he has that mindset to want to play defense and compete on that end. But he's still real young and doesn't lack in the part of athleticism, so athletically he should be able to stay with those guys in the league, even at 6'4 and prolly being forced to play 2-guard. If I'm a team in the top of the second round, I grab him in a heartbeat, cause I feel he's a talent that had he stayed one more year, was a lottery pick, so you get that same talent in the early second (or maybe late first), there's definitely value there.

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