Durant Vs. Lebron

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Durant Vs. Lebron

As much as I dislike the man, LeBron is the best player on the planet, hands down. And although I cannot predict the future, in terms of future NBAers or current players(or anything for that matter lol) I dont see anybody winning the NBA MVP award other then LeBron for atleast the next 5 years other then maybe the Durantula. Any other players or thoughts?

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If lebron's team is the best

If lebron's team is the best in the league then he will win it for a very long time otherwise i can see others like D-wade, D-Howard, Durant. They'll all have good stats, it really all depends on how there teams play. For the future (eg. 6 years+) i can see guys like Wall, Barnes, Gilchrist, Knight etc contend.

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I dont agree

I dont agree with that even Jordan didnt win the MVP every year there were years in which the bulls had the best record in the league and he didnt win MVP. Also I think that Howard should really be considered for MVP this year because he is probably going to win defensive player of the year for the 2nd year in a row and he is gonna be the first player ever to lead the league in FG%, Blocks, and rebounds that has to count for something and they have the 2nd best record in the league.

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As entropy put it

It depends on the teams' record. And of course things like injuries, lack of chemistry, or players coming in and reducing the domination factor for a player. Anything can happen, but LeBron is definitely in with a shot at the MVP every year if he plays on the level he is on for years to come, and there is nothing that says he is going to slow down anytime soon.

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only reason jordan didn't win more mvp's was because the writers didn't wanna keep giving it to the same person .

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They'll have to find reasons

They'll have to find reasons not to give it to LeBron or somebody else is just going to have to have a better season than him... Which will be hard.

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a lot

I can see players contending for this but I couldn't tell you who until free agency gets sorted out this summer.....MVP is a team award so whoever wins it will have to be a contender....

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Yes Lebron looks dominant

Yes Lebron looks dominant right now but in the right situations I could see Howard, Durant, Wade and Chris Paul winning MVP too.

If Howard ever gets some offensive moves and/or the Magic have the best record in the league I could see Dwight taking it, I mean if Bill Russell can win MVP 5 times based mostly on rebounding and defense on a championship caliber team then why can't Dwight win one or two?

Durant, is still a few years away from his prime. Since he is averaging 30.1 PPG and 7.6 RPG as a 21 year old, I could feasibly see him hit 33+ PPG and around 9 RPG in his prime. If he takes OKC the next step from a playoff team to a contender then the MVP could be his.

Frankly I thought Wade should have won MVP last year (30.2 PPG, 7.5 APG, 2.2 SPG and 49 FG%) but his team held him back somewhat. That being said he is a free agent this offseason and Miami has alot of salary cap space to give him help if he resigns with the Heat. If he ends up playing for a contender either way his numbers and passion should give him strong MVP consideration for at least three more years.

CP3 when healthy is one of the most important players to his team in the league. IN 2009 he put up 22.8 PPG, 11 APG, 2.8 SPG while shooting over 50% from the floor and 86% from the line. Some of the best numbers ever for a point guard and he's not yet 25. If his team ever contends for a title he'll get a lot of votes for MVP.

Hell Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose could conceivably challenge for the MVP award within a few years.

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