Who can pull off the upset?

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Who can pull off the upset?

What team do you guys think can make a run to a conference finals or even an NBA Finals?

Obvious choices:

Who do you guy think can sneak in and win it all..
Personally I think the Hawks in the East and the Mavericks in the West.
It most likely won't happen... What are your guy's choices?

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With the way the Lakers have

With the way the Lakers have been playing, I almost feel like every team has an equal shot to win the conference. I can't see any team beating the Cavs or Magic on their way to the conference finals, though.

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I actually think that if the

I actually think that if the jazz snatch up the #2 seed tonight, they could beat the lakers to the Finals. They are playing extremely well right now. And by the finals, I am certain that AK will be back, and the Jazz should be at full strength. The Lakes would have home court, and I know it is very tough to win in Staples Center(especially for the Jazz) but they are looking really good even without AK. Miles is playing the way I expected him to play all season long. (all thanks to Wes Matthews, gotta love the rookie) And with the Lakers struggles recently they may not even make it to the finals, which could mean home court advantage for the jazz against whoever does make it!! But Dallas is a close second to beat out the Lakers.
Will the Jazz win it all, depends on who they play. Chances are no though. Especially if the Magic or the Cavs make it there, which most likely will be the case.

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enough of the talking. Time

enough of the talking. Time to get this party underway. DWilljazz, i hope we meet you guys again. Lakers have a whole nother level they will pick it up to. Bynum is back practicing. Artest will lock in on defenders. Kobe is getting some rest right now. Heck, even brown and sasha combined for about 38 points last night. The lakers are gonna quiet all this struggling nonsense real quick.

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The way the Lakers have been

The way the Lakers have been playing lately, I think they may struggle against the Thunder. Now i'm not saying that the Thunder are going to upset them, but it wouldn't shock me if they did. Also, as of right now, the Suns are playing the Nuggets in the 4-5 seeds in the playoffs. IF the nuggets get back Martin, they can make a run at the Lakers, espically if the Thunder give them a huge battle. For the east, the Hawks and Magic have the same amount of a chance of meeting up with the Cavs in the finals. If the magic do meet up with the cavs, it'll be a battle, though i do expect Cavs to win in 6.

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