How good can Pondexter be and how good you think he will be?

Also if you think he can make an impact as a rookie

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Maybe a 6-8ppg rookie and a

Maybe a 6-8ppg rookie and a possible role player for the years to come. He'll eventually evolve into a solid 13-16ppg guy as a second or third option on a team.

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has his ceiling as Gerald Wallace, which I think is right. But that's his ceiling. I think his rookie season he'll be a little inconsistent as he adjusts to not playing with the ball in his hands all the time, but he should develop into a rotation player at worst.

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not saying he will be as

not saying he will be as good as gerald wallace, but style wise, they are very similar players. I like pondexter to be a solid role player. He defends, rebounds, runs the court and finishes well. His shooting is sub par, but he can hit enough to make teams pay for leaving him wide open. His ball handling needs a lot of work. 6-8ppg as a rookie sounds about right.

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I think, like someone said

I think, like someone said earlier, he reminds me of Bobby Simmons. A strong-bodied, athletic player who can slash and defend

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