some under the radar free agents this summer

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some under the radar free agents this summer

here are some free agents this summer that dont get as much recognition but i think could have a good impact and be a steal for someone:

Brendan Haywood-Solid starting centers are hard to come by and haywood finishes well and rebounds solid.

Earl Watson- a veteran who has quietly been having a very solid seaosn in indiana. Can be a cheap pick up as a back up for a team needing defense and leadership.

Rasual Butler-had a career season in LA and is a knockdown shooter that could help spread the floor.

Jordan Farmar-I still think he can breakout as a solid starting pg somewhere in need of a pg

Udonis Haslem-rugged rebounder and great teammate who hits open jumpers.

Carlos Arroyo-Proving himself as an nba caliber g who plays under control and knocks down shots consitently.

Luke Ridnour-Career year and more then capable of being a starter somewhere.

Matt Barnes-Consistenly goes under the radar every off season only to help some team more then anyone expected.

Antoinne Wright-Terrific defender who has grown much more consistent shooting while starting for toronto.

Wesley Mathews- A steal in last years draft for utah will benefit by getting first chance at signging a long term deal somewhere.

Mike Miller- People sleep on his all around game and ability to create offense or just knock down open jumpers.

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CJ Watson

Can be a viable 20+ minutes per game type of guy. Good scorer, ball hawk on defense and can take over a game scoring

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poor guys

bad economy + bad asses in front of them = less money for you....

I would like to toot my own horn for having Wes Matthews on my big boards last year.....he did get put in the perfect place but still.....kudos to me....

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i hope lakers go for either

i hope lakers go for either of the watsons...or carlos arroyo...

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Matt Barnes

looks to be the best player on this list though....

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1.Matt Barnes..I've always

1.Matt Barnes..I've always been a fan of Barnes..Dont know why some team have never signed him to a multi-year deal.....I know i'm going to get some flack for saying this..But Rashard Lewis isnt much better than Barnes..

2.Brendan Haywood..Word has it that Mark Cuban is putting together a deal to resign him..He fits their style of play more then Dampier does..The Knicks & Thunder should have him on their radar..

3.Udonis Haslem..Does the dirty work..The type of glue guy every coach is searching for..Has a nice touch for a big man..

4.Wesley Matthews ..Man, dude is about to get paid..I was surprised he wasn't selected last June..A little to early to say,He's a true starter in the league yet...He reminds me a little of Tony Allen..I have to see how he plays next season or in another system with another team..

5.Mike Miller..If u wondering what type of player Gordon Hayward will be in the pros.Miller is his best comparison..Both are Team players,likeable,good rebounders,good passers,aren't afraid of contact..And can create plays for themselves and their teammates..But Miller is a much better pure shooter..And they're both way too unselfish...The Grizzlies would be wise to try to bring him back there..Surprising he love the Memphis area..And some fans are still upset he was traded..He might be willing to take a paycut to return..He had his best years with them..

6.Luke Ridnour ..Has shown he can be a quality starter in this league..

7..Earl Watson..Dont know how he has lasted in the league for so long? I guess its becuz he doesn't turn the ball over much, plays defense..He's a poor man's Derek Fisher..But Daaam he has a very beautiful wife..Just found out he's married to the girl that played Clair on the tv show '''My Wife & Kids''' Actress Jennifer Freeman..They have a child together...

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Watson is very solid. I've

Watson is very solid. I've had the opportunity to watch him play all season with the Pacers. First off... He plays very good defense. He's a good leader. He handles the ball well and gets into the lane. Makes the right pass. His jumpshot has improved too. I think he'd be a solid pickup for a playoff caliber team looking for a backup point guard...

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I think is in the position to get a good contract. I can see a lot of teams that would try to acquire him. Mavericks better try to sign him quick, because he is someone that could see his pricetag go up as more teams try to get him.

Barnes is going to seek a multi-year deal, so whether he stays with Orlando depends on how much they are willing to pay him and the contracts he gets elsewhere. I think he could get a nice 3 year deal, like 6 mil a year, I wouldn't even be surprised with 8 mil. He is very underrated, and teams know it.

Matthews, Ridnour and Miller are also in line for nice contracts. Matthews has nice potential, and a lot of people sleep on Miller, but he is a really solid veteran, who can make shots, pass, defend a little, is tough minded, and a good locker-room guy and teammate. The Wizards want him back; he definitely is going to seek a multi-year deal.

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