The Washington Wizards

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The Washington Wizards

I am a huge Wizards fan and obviously there are several options in the offseason, that could be endless if they get the number one overall pick. Out of all the free agents this year, The only ones I think they should keep are, Shaun Livingston(good backup pg, fringe starter), James Singleton( high energy role player off the bench that the Wizards need desperately), and possibly Javaris Crittenton because he has very high upside. If they draft Wall, I think a lot of big-name free agents would be very intrigued on the possibility of coming to Washington. I think the main free agent that they will ultimately covet will likely be Joe Johnson, since Lebron, Bosh and Wade would probably be all out of reach.

I would like to think though that if the Wizards get John Wall, that they might actually be in contention to get Lebron if he does not win a title. He has expressed that GIlbert Arenas is one of the players in the NBA he would like to play with. The Wizards have a very solid young core in Javale Mcgee, Nick Young, Andray Blatche and now Shaun Livingston and Al Thornton to go with a superstar in Arenas. I realize this is not going to happen, but a core that consists if these guys could be pretty damn good down the line.

Pg: John Wall
Sg: Gilbert Arenas
Sf: Lebron Jame
Pf: Andray Blatche
C: Javale Mcgee
6th: Nick Young
Swingman: Al Thornton
Backup Pg: Shaun Livingston
Role player: James SIngleton

The point is, what kind of role will John Wall play in influencing the big name free agents in terms of where they want to go? Could he singleheandedly change the destination of where big name free agents thought that they were going?

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Your expectations

Yea, there Too high...Though I have always said that the team that lands Wall chances of getting LeBron will rise

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I am also a huge Wizards fan

I am also a huge Wizards fan and if they were to get John Wall, I still don't think that they would get LeBron James, but I would love for that to happen though. Considering all that has happened this year with the Wizards, I don't think that he would want to come to such a dysfunctional team. I do think that we would be in contention to get other big name free agents like Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire, etc. Especially Stoudemire because there were even rumors that he was going to get traded last year. I don't know why people are saying that even if they were to get the #1 pick in the NBA Draft, that they still wouldn't make the playoffs. This team would have two future superstars in Blatche and Wall, other young guys like Young and McGee that can become great players, and a few nice role players. I think that they would make the playoffs.

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even though the rivally is

even though the rivally is gone because all the wizards are gone i highly doudt lebron would go there. not tiny but small market, not a bright future. The nets have a bigger market (about to be bigger) and a better outlook with prospects.

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Wizards should...

I am not a Wizards fan, but I think...

Since the Wizards got a new owner, they should do the following:
1) Fire Ernie Grunfeld
2) Rebuild relationship with Gibert Arenas and helped marketing him back as a man looking for redemption
2) Get rid of Javaris Crittenton to reduce the chance of people remembering the gun incident
3) If the Wiz is luckily enough to land John Wall, play him with Arenas
4) Don't even dream, LBJ won't join the Wizards.
5) Core player to keep: Blatche and McGee, that's pretty much it
6) Try to retain Livington and Singleton on small contract, if they ask for too much, let them go
7) Try to trade Randy Foye, Nick Young and Al Thornton, they are just not too good.
8) Do not waste money on Josh Howard and Mike Miller as they are too old by the time John Wall becomes a super star
9) Do not go after any big name free agents, I don't think any of them would go to Washington without being overpaid
10) After the initial free agent signing madness, go for bargain deals (To be determined).

Expect the team to take another year or so to get back to playoff. Don't try to patch a team, it usually wouldn't work.

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As a Wizards fan, getting

As a Wizards fan, getting Wall and possibly Lebron is almost unreallistic. I can't stand LBJ so I don't want him in DC. I would love for Gil to return to form with the additions of either Turner, Wall, Cousins or Wes Johnson.

Like a previous poster stated, we would most likely overpay for a 1st or 2nd tier star. Money talks and we have an opportunity to snag a very good player if we are patient in FA.

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